My Motherland Uganda

The way someone can describe his or her motherland
Is to tell others how unique and special it is from others.

It is this way I can tell you about my motherland and describe how unique it really is.
I will describe its people, traditions, culture & way of life.

Our country is beautiful in everything.
Say in nature, politics, sports, culture and the economy.
It is situated on the right calm position of Africa.
Geographically, it is located in a very fertile land.

The climate here is very conducive and nice.
We have plenty of rain at times, and abundant water sources such as rivers and lakes.
The River Nile and Lake Victoria are probably the most famous, but there are so much more.

Our area is called “The great lakes region”. Throughout the year with good climatic conditions and seasons, we have dry (sunny) and wet (rainy) seasons. Uganda’s democracy is not the best but good, our politicians and leaders are pretty…

Abundant evergreen plant life and forests cover the landscape, inhabited by Lovely fauna (wildlife) and flora (plant life). The hospitality shown by Ugandan people here is indeed very special, it is for this reason that we have become a united, strong and single nation.

In Uganda, there are approximately 50 tribes and ethnic groups with over 60 different languages spoken. This makes us stand out from the crowd. We enjoy glorious sunshine almost every day throughout the year. This is because Uganda lies peacefully along the Equator.

Finally, let me share this with you, Uganda is a peaceful, secure, stable and my dream place to be. You are always very welcome. Uganda is my motherland and homeland and I love it dearly!



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