A believer’s spiritual perception…..

Have you ever wondered how deeply religious beliefs can get into a believer such that he/she practices these spiritual beliefs and actually do all they can or to sacrifice their precious times to serve and live expected standards of life set by God?
Well, if you have always asked yourself what it takes for someone to believe so much and strictly live a religious life or to ask yourself how the love of God gets to develop deeply into the hearts of Christians, then you have got to know why!

Why do you think from the ancient times of long ago down to our own days billions of people including you and I, still put God first into our lives, even more than we love to please ourselves?

Like me, most staunch Christians live a Godly life, they worship him, pray to him, sing and praise him not just because they heard others talk about him, or read about him somewhere or because someone told them about God, but because they feel God’s presence deeply inside their hearts!

They know that God knows and also understands them better than any other human or spiritual being would, so they regularly worship and pray to God every day, tell others about him because they always feel his presence within themselves and they know that he’s all around at all times even wherever they go and in whatever they do!

Imagine yourself, if u were an unbeliever and some just came to you, to tell you the some good news about God whom you never knew about before, would you just begin accepting everything and start living a Godly life right away? No, the love of God has to first develop inside you, to help you feel his presence at all time, then if you really feel that God is always with you and has become part of your daily life then you’ll always be wanting to pray to him so that you make him know that you appreciate him and can feel his presence around you!

And when you get to know more about God and you continue loving him more and more, the more he will also draw closer to you if you show a willing heart and ready to believe him, so when you decide to draw close to God, the more you will start feeling him in your life and start actually praying and worshiping him, that’s how you can start feeling God’s presence inside you!

Praying, worshiping and serving God all stems from your realising that surely God exists and that you can actually feel him all around, and that you are experiencing his power, love and justice in your life!

Surely, after having realised that the true God exists to make you desire to or want to please him and appreciate his presence in you every day, turning it into your daily service to God!

We worship and pray to God not just because others are also worshiping him or just that someone told us about him, but we serve God because he is deep inside our hearts and can recognize his presence in our lives, we are able to feel his love and power, And that is why we are always making regular sacrifices so that we can give back to our Grand creator who always gives us life and protection plus taking care of each one of us individually!

As for me, my full service to God is uninterrupted because my inner and heartfelt desire to do the best that reflects the presence of God’s holy spirit is inside me – is really intense and on a high level!

Therefore, I serve God because I feel him in my life, he acts and is always transforming my life and for the very good things he has always done for me, I always want to show him my great appreciation for all this!

Some worship God just because they see others doing so, or because they just think its right to do so or perhaps just because they want to make others believe them that they are actually religious yet that can be very wrong!

However, it is better for people to know that worshiping God with no clear intentions is all in vain, rather, they should be having a strong reason to believe him fully trust him and also to tell to others and share information with them about why they chose to worship God, it was not just because their friends, relatives or partner did or said so, NO, but they have a very strong and affirmative reason why they favor being on God’s side – BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS FEEL AND ACKNOWLEDGE HIS PRESENCE IN THEIR LIVES!

Therefore, it is your duty and a spiritual service to show to him that you truly love him and that serving him is your first priority and that you are always appreciative of whatever he has done to your life from the beginning until now!

Thank you very much for Reading!
Eric Jr


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