Maintaining A Good Health Lifestyle

 Show a Healthy Lifestyle by:

– Grooming nails
– Getting adequate rest
– Getting fresh, pure and clean air all the time
– Eating good and healthy food including fruits
– Avoiding over drinking and the use of illegal drugs and limit smoking
– Getting periodic health check-ups to help you keep updated on your own health status
– Consulting a health worker when ill or when feeling uneasy
– Carrying out adequate physical exercise regularly

Promote Primary Health Care by:

– Acquiring health education and applying that knowledge in your everyday life
– Practicing and observing proper personal hygiene
– Keeping the environment clean and very healthy
– Having a well serviced and regularly cleaned toilet/latrine
– Ensuring proper disposal of rubbish and other unwanted things in an orderly place
– Developing and practicing good health habits everyday.


Primary Health Care involves:

– Prevention and control of communicable diseases
– Good nutrition and practicing food hygiene
– Water and sanitation
– Good procedures of giving First aid
– Observing proper family and personal hygiene
– Observing proper community hygiene at the community level
– Oral and dental health care
– Carrying out family planning to check on the family’s ability of having more kids

Requirements to be clean:

– Using plenty of clean water
– Having soap, sponge, brush and towel on standby
– Water bucket/cans
– Toothbrushes and toothpaste have to be in place all time.

Prevention of Cholera:

– Drinking safe, clean and properly boiled water
– Eating properly cooked food, covering it well and keeping it in clean containers.
– Observing good food hygiene
– Keeping all household utensils clean and dry
– Washing hands properly before and after handling food, and after visiting a latrine.

Activities Under Food Hygiene:

– Covering all foods properly
– Washing hands properly before and after eating food
– Washing all raw foods thoroughly before eating them
– Cleaning food containers properly and allowing them time to dry

Activities Under Personal Hygiene:

– Clean and short finger and toe nails
– Properly combed hair
– Clean and neat clothes
– Making water and soap available
– Proper disposal of rubbish and all unnecessary/unwanted items
– Brushing teeth at least twice a day
– Regularly washing hands and bathing
– Provision of clean and safe water
– Proper use and care of toilets and latrines
– Controlling the spread of hygienically and contagious diseases and germs
– Washing food before eating it
– Regular washing of all clothing.


The Major Health Activities…..

– Provision of healthy and nutritious balanced diet
– Provision of clean, safe and boiled water for drinking
– Prevention of diseases at home and our places of work
– Maintaining personal, family, health and community hygiene
– Regular cleaning of the house, inside and outside plus all the surrounding areas
– Keeping cooked food warm and safely covered to avoid contamination
– Developing good health habits
– Promoting of both community health and hygiene awareness
– Bathing properly with soap and plenty of water
– Brushing teeth at least twice a day
– Cleaning the face every time you wake up from sleep
– Grooming both finger and toe nails
– Proper disposal of urine and feces
– Proper handling of food
– Strictly observing both primary and secondary health care practices
– Advising and guiding others to observe all the health practices listed above.
– Taking an evening nature walk into the natural environment

Necessities of a Good Life…….

– Good, healthy and balanced nutrition
– Good and safe shelter
– Good and practical health education to the people
– Safety and protection measures
– Adequate resting and relaxing of the mind
– Feeling free all the time
– Love and affection
– Clothing and sufficient wear.

Good health to you the reader if u strictly observe and practice the above
information each and everyday. Your reward is a happy and healthy life forever!
Good Life Starts With Good Health!

God Bless You!

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