Ending My 2012 In Perspective!

First of all, I thank Jehovah God for helping me live through 2012 and end it while I am still alive and healthy. Jehovah’s provision of life to me always helped me to experience and have a feeling of 2012 as a year! I entered 2012 in good spirits and it’s the same lively way am exiting it!Like everyone else, 2012 involved lots of life changes, situations, and experiences. No year passes without a change of order or a happening that is likely to change or have an impact in your way of thinking, acting, response and your way of feeling over a certain matter.
I am so grateful to Jehovah God for the billions of lives he has preserved and those born in 2012.

And for those whose lives perished or ended in 2012 that was the most saddening and unfortunate thing to happen, Therefore, we shall always miss them and may them R.I.P. But for those who survived 2012, let us pray that 2013 doesn’t take our lives!!!! Let’s keep the watch! I am also very grateful to Mom and step dad for letting me spend the whole of 2012 with them at their home. And may the Lord continue blessing them forever and always!

I appreciate my close friends who always involved with me at all times throughout the year and were always there for communication and companionship. Interestingly, I made more nice friends in 2012 and my wish is that all these friendships be great and last forever!

A lot of things and changes took place to me and to everyone around the world in 2012 as there were lots of incidences everywhere, many were good and many were bad. For the good ones, I am thankful that they happened and I continue to appreciate whoever contributed to their happening and most important of all Jehovah who provides the precious life free of charge!

And as for the bad things or changes that happened in 2012, I regret that they happened but am promising myself that I will do all I can so that they don’t happen again in 2013. More to that, I will always pray to God for his help that I always overcome any obstacle that
could let them happen!
Personally, the most significant positive things that happened to me
in 2012 are:

1. Starting University education by studying Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication at Islamic University in Uganda.
2. Increased personal confidence and trust within myself without relying on external sources.
3. When I received a gift package from Koenigsberg, Russia.
4. Improved health and personal care.
5. Improved files management and literacy skills thru exposure to books, the internet and other forms.
6. Visits to Eastern Uganda and to South Uganda.
7. Being close to my family members.

And more are set to happen in 2013…..and for this reason, I continue to hope and wish that the best and positive things than those above can happen in 2013.
I am not just merely hoping BUT ready to act with a lot of personal determination to do whatever it will take to go through 2013 peacefully, happily and successfully!

I have laid down tools to start working on all my goals, my plans and my resolutions that I have written down to achieve in 2013. Buuuuuut am not by myself in this life’s journey………. God’s holy spirit for help, guidance and direction about the best ways and methods to achieve whatever I want!

I am also with my friends, relatives and all concerned about me to provide the needed assistance and support for all of my 2013 resolutions to make them happen, make them real and see them happening!
Me as Eric, I am so much hoping, wishing, dreaming and anticipating plus hard working for all the best of best to happen to me, to you and to everyone in the year 2013!

A new colourful dawn is coming for you and for me…..A new year, and new beginning……It’s my year and your year for a greater change, Its time to put on a new personality and forget the negatives that have been caused by the past years…. It’s time to unveil ourselves and come together and join hands for a wider yet close community of me, you and everyone!

Let’s be the pioneers of the positive things, let’s bear the torchlight for all those in badness and in darkness to see the good things on our side, lets guide and have warm loving hearts for the broken hearted ones and those desolate with no hope for their future!

And as for those who always think the negative way, those with permanent anger and jealousy…..just leave them, don’t mind about them……their anger has nothing to do with us, they’re unwilling for a new year which ushers in a new change!
Hey buddies, its new year, its new life and time to bond together! Hahahaaaa!

Have a Happy New Year 2013!

One Love, One Heart, One People will make a glorious, precious,
meaningful and precious 2013!

Eric Wagobera Junior


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