You Are My Love Angel

From the day we fell in love,
I have always felt how your love makes me emotionally fly around and about
In my life, you are both a shining star and a flying angel
You always fly within my heart whenever I am thinking of you
You shine so bright that I always feel your strong impact when I am
imagining both of us closer and nearer. You make me feel so precious and worthy of being a human to fall in love I regularly feel your movements when you are flying to and fro inside my body
That is why I am calling you my little precious love angel
In addition to being an angel to me, you are also my great protector
and love guard.

You protect and guard me against the distressing loneliness and depression
You always stand by my side at every turn and in every situation
I always see you caring and tendering to me like a new born baby
You always restore back the lost hope of a happy life and the dream of
experiencing true and real love.

Listen please, my dear angel……
If possible, if you wish and feel like you can make me your personal angel too!
In this way, we can equally show each other a parallel and a two-way
love experience.

Please let me be your lifetime lover and an emotional deliverer
I am promising to carry out this awesome task for the whole of your lifetime
I want to protect you from any single pain, distress, and harm of any sort
I want you to always feel free and to enjoy a good life without any challenge
I promise to always lift you up so high above all mountain peaks
whenever you are feeling low.

Just as you are an angel to me, in the same way, let me also shine so
bright and brilliantly in your precious life
Make me your one and only love angel and soul mate
My angel, my life will always feel fresh, soft and alive because of you.

Never will I find someone as much lovely as you are!
Come on my little angel, lift me up, hold me close, flip your wings
and then let’s fly together to our secret love paradise
You are and you will always be my dear lovely angel because I love you
so much than my own life



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