Living in a Free and an Enjoyable World!

As I am posting this article, a lot of things and events are happening all over the world, good things and bad things! Most of us feel that we are not free and not even enjoying our rights as free citizens of the earth. Read today’s newspapers, they are all reporting about conflicts, wars, fighting, disunity, enmity and strife among people today!

And sometimes I am compelled to say that there is no safe place on earth today because you cannot identify even a single nation where bad news cannot happen. Many of us always thought Norway was the safest place to live on earth but not until July 2011 when a gunman killed more than 70 people dead! This news shocked the whole world.

In the USA, it’s normal to hear of a gunman attacking and killing people in schools, shopping malls, streets, etc.
In the Middle East where wars and conflicts do not cease to happen, there is no peace. Countries there are divided on religious lines and because the most dominant religion is Islam so there are discontentment and restrictions on other religions and they are often mistreated and taken as inferior. Surprisingly, even Muslims themselves are disunited and disintegrated into many factions like Shias and Sunnis and violence between them is often heard in the news.
In Africa, civil wars and lack of respect for human rights and the freedom of expression are a common menace. Many rebel forces are springing up on claims to change lives but in reality, they want to cling to power through undemocratic means and also steal lots of natural resources. Such situations have led so many Africans numbering in millions to become homeless, unstable and without real peace and unity as Africans and that is why Africa is still underdeveloped because of the selfishness of some individuals.

And in many places around the world, there is no peace and freedom. Everywhere there is violence and natural disasters. Or perhaps you have ever experienced something tragic in your life and it still haunts you whenever you think of it again, or even something bad has ever happened in your country and it affected lots of people. You could have even asked yourself “Why did this happen? Why isn’t there peace and freedom in the world today?” And you could have been puzzled at not even being able to find lasting answers or solutions to your questions.

Many who live in conflict-stricken areas are thirsting for peace and freedom, everyone from a baby to a child to a teenager to a youth to a mature adult and up to an old person is really yearning for the freedom that they were born to live and to enjoy that they get it! But why can’t we get it? We might say that freedom is a natural born right and that we deserve it at no cost but where is it? And why can’t we get it yet we are entirely entitled to it?

Well, it’s sad to say that the source of all conflicts, wars, rage, enmity and disunity in the world today are the selfish, self-gratifying and uncommitted leaders. Many times we choose the wrong leaders who are not after our needs and concerns but after their selfish desires! The leaders we choose are the ones responsible for bringing us together as a family of great humanity but they are instead disuniting us, they are encouraging us to maintain a bad spirit of hate and enmity towards another group! In places where ethnic clashes occur, leaders advise their subordinates to avoid the other tribes. Therefore, leaders we choose are highly responsible for whatever is happening in the world today!
We can also say that being in a wrong religion also has led many to be very different persons because they always claim to justify their actions on religious teachings! It is no surprise that many religions are out of humanity morale and integrity, some religions even promote sectarianism and divisions by encouraging their members to disassociate themselves from non-members or non-followers! And here, religious leaders are to blame for preaching the wrong and misleading messages of hate and disunity.
And in places where there is a high level of crime, our leaders have always failed to put in place enough security measures and strong effective mechanisms to help minimise the risks and protect their people! Many times several governments have failed to work hand in hand with the Opposition parties and hence leading to bitter clashes and rivalry which has led to protesters pouring on streets and demonstrate again the major ruling side of oppressing them or denying them benefits. And these demonstrations always end in a high number of deaths, injuries and damage of property worth lots of money.
We all know that politics is a dirty game and one of the most difficult and violent professions and that is the reason why many people are no longer interested in engaging in politics and thus leaving a big gap between politicians and the common people, this gap is an opportunity for politicians to exploit us and perhaps do certain things out of the constitutional order!
In my view, the governments in the ruling are ought to treat and respect the Opposition as an important functioning political side. The Opposition’s main role is to identify government’s weaknesses and then advise or criticise the government to improve, sadly many governments see the Opposition as number one enemies instead of as friendly and important figures in the building and development of the society.
I won’t say much about this topic but basing on the few insights I have given about the unstable condition the world is experiencing, you have got to ask yourself a question “How can we live in a free and an enjoyable world?” Even me I have been asking myself the same question for a long time, but hey…try to think of these solutions and see if they are applied what will happen to the world and how will it change?

Holding free and fair elections to elect and choose good and committed leaders who have the interests of common people at heart and ahead of their own, leaders of integrity, corruption-free and far-sighted leaders.There should be agreement and work hand-in-hand with different political units in our society like the government and the Opposition to enhance unity, development and mutual working together to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place to live in.

Improved security will greatly reduce the crime rates and help dispel the fear that there is no safe place to live on the earth and where there are conflicts we should be able to bring the warring sides together so that they cease their enmity and allow room for peace.
All major stakeholders should try to widen the scope of development and employment to all people and regions so that people do not feel compelled to take part in crime related activities which put everyone’s life in danger and thus making the world unsafe.

Young people especially the desperate youths should be encouraged to desist from all kinds of violence and inhumane actions. The government should try set up youth employment ventures and creation of well-paying jobs.

Religious leaders should also preach the word of God to their followers and also encourage them to develop a sense of belonging together and loving one another as a great human family.  Religious leaders should also try to encourage believers to develop Christ-like qualities and also follow the Bible teachings and apply them in their daily lives.
And lastly, every one of us should dismantle the selfishness inside us but we should work together for long-lasting common goals that will be benefiting everyone irrespective of race, gender, income or religion.
Instead of trying to achieve what we want by force, we should instead embrace the free gift of love that is within us and use it accordingly to make the world a safe, an enjoyable and a better place to live in. We all came into the world peacefully and freely and we are entitled to it, so we must work and campaign for it through all means! Freedom and human rights are our birthrights, we should all claim it and work for it because it means our lives.

There is no satisfying reward in harming the other person in order for you to reach life’s satisfaction, truly there isn’t but surely there is a big, a great and an eternal reward in using the right and godly path to reach life’s satisfaction. Fear God, Love one another, Work for development and Always seek for improvement and for Unity.

Remember that, United we stand, Divided we fall. Let’s all embrace righteousness and work towards living in a free and an enjoyable world for which every human living now and then is always dreaming of, Everyone wants peace and freedom, so we have got vast opportunities and abilities, so let’s use them rightfully to achieve them!
One Love!


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