Coping With Life’s Trials

With the continuous rising of many different kinds of problems in every aspect of life, there is also increased fear of coping and dealing with the difficult situations that the problems produce.
We should all know that all life’s problems are caused by one thing, we are imperfect humans, that is, we cannot reach the perfect way of doing things the 100% way, We cannot smoothen all the rugged ways of life that we are faced with, If we are perfect, then it would have been easier for us to live a perfect way of life as possible & we would be able to get pleased with every condition that comes in for our benefit. Certain conditions now, whether good or bad, we have many ways we respond towards them.
But knowing that we are imperfect & that we cannot reach the extreme point of smoothening life’s rugged roads, can always help us to know our limits in struggling for what is good for our lives. Sometimes hard situations in life blind us when they appear impossible to defeat which forces us to end up going the very long way even going beyond the maximum level at which we should have stopped.
Can you imagine, some go as far as sacrificing other people’s lives like how it is here in Africa in order for them to be free of life’s problems! It is a great pity that people load themselves with burdens of applying anything possible that is available to them to get a certain problem kicked out.
Moreover, knowing the root cause of a life’s problem is another factor to consider when dealing with the problem itself because if a thorough investigation of how it came into existence and what led the problem to be caused, can help you to ascertain a possible mistakes that led to the surfacing of the problem, then if possible, you can make a sworn commitment to tackle and deal with the mistakes directly even using more tougher efforts than the problem itself.
We all do many regrettable mistakes that are even avoidable, so being careful about errors that could lead to mistakes can also be a right way to lower the chances of a problem to arise. More important is to learn from the previous mistakes that led to a big problem because if we do so then we are more and more careful as we manage a daily life so as to make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes again. This can be a good lesson to always take a careful study because it’s just something to learn about from the past errors that led to a mistake.
Another factor is to reach out to other people whom you think they might get interested in your emotional struggles to keep off the common challenges and fears. If possible, try to share your personal experiences whether good or bad with your closest people to whom you will feel free to approach, tell and ask for solutions from. You can have hope that they may help you in any possible way they can, just don’t over relate or exaggerate the point but keep in control of whatever you share with others. One way they may help you is to give you the courage, inspirational moments or experiences, hope, prospects and even counsel or guide you and also suggest for you possible steps or guidelines towards overcoming a major challenge!
Another good way of overcoming fear and challenges in life is to believe in yourself that you have the personal natural powers and abilities that you can use to deal with a challenge or a fear. Believe it that you have got the inner power to make positive personal decisions that can turn over things to become so good for the better in order to make the situation become nice and conducive to live in.
Know it that you’ve got your good body, use it also to deal with the problems, use your eyes to see far ahead of you!, Use your ears to listen to counsel attentively, Use your hands to carry out possible tasks or activities to make far ends to meet, Use your legs to walk towards the possible routes to success. Make the best use of whatever your eyes can see, whatever your ears can hear, whatever your hands can get hold of and whatever that your legs can make you reach.
Never fear to face and deal with the problems, remember that you are not by yourself to fight against a hard situation because you didn’t happen to come to earth by yourself. Be wise enough, search for God the almighty, embrace his pure and holy ways, love him and pray for him regularly for help to deal with life’s problems easily and the best way. God cares for you personally, he loves you and he is eager to hear you talk and express yourself before him!
Take your time to sit down, put off any loud music, Tv or get all the noise off and be alone, feel in a convenient situation to realize and decide, sit comfortably and start planning the goal of your life, planning the simple way of flushing out a problem and also plan how to make your life better and continuously brighter being free of problems forever and always.
Always know that your heart can decide and make good decisions if you really want a change, so make the best use of your heart and brain then they will reward you with good prizes of wise decisions, believe in yourself that in whatever worse situation, you can make good and diligent plans and decisions for your life which may help you to overcome fear and challenges in your life.
Believe that you can make your life better by yourself, even without the help of other people or need their intervention, don’t despair or give in to a failure or a defeat, no, but make good use of your body to correct yourself and reach for the greater heights!
To conclude, knowing that you cannot reach perfection in life, you yourself being an imperfect human just like others, knowing your limits, strengths & weaknesses, knowing the root cause of your problems, learning & taking lessons from the past mistakes done, reaching out to sincere, caring & kind people, believing in our personal strength, ability and regular contact with God the Almighty in prayers to him, all can help you to successfully overcome life’s difficult situations, fears, problems, dangers and the most hardest of all; challenges.
Do not be distracted or be threatened by anything of any nature, go ahead, make a resolution, have a dream and be well focused, don’t just see the things near to you, but be far-sighted and discover the many clear & simpler mechanisms to make you feel happy with the precious gift; Your life!
You own your body, not your life, so take good care of your body, God will take full care of your precious life, more on that, you have the right and responsibility to care for your body and its needs.
If every challenge has its source of strength that makes it happen then know it that you also have your confidential source of strength, hope and the ability to overcome fear and challenges in your life!


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