Human Violence & Ignorance….Why??

As am penning down this article there must be ongoing human-caused violence somewhere in the world! And by the moment you are reading all this, human error, ignorance and disregard for human life must have caused some trouble somewhere you might not know.
So bear in mind that at the present something bad is happening to someone innocent!  It is as if we were born to live in total misery and suffering…’s also sad to see that the life we were born to enjoy happily forever is being short lived just because of the foolishness and arrogance by some few selfish people!
I am writing this article about human violence and ignorance because just like you I am also a lot troubled and disturbed by the fact that the rate at which human violence and ignorance are causing hatred, racism, division and suffering among humankind! This issue should be of utmost importance for everyone to draw his/her attention closely – the politicians, world organisations and bodies, security agencies and we the civilians. We have let very many bad situations and emotions to spill out of our control and the results of this have always been so destructive and very devastating!
To get the reality of this, just tune into a news bulletin on any radio station, grab a copy of today’s newspaper and read through or watch a news program on any television , the majority of the kind of news you are most likely to listen, read or watch is related to the sad results of human violence and ignorance!
If you take time to pay a close attention to this important issue it will be evident to you that gross human violence is growing rapidly and at an alarming rate more than ever before from security personnel misusing and overstepping their powers to revenge, arrest, kill or torture others without regard for human life to groups or marauders, rioters and warriors teaming up to cause chaos and destruction to criminals ganging up to cause and intensify more troubles by terrorizing us and taking away our dear lives cheaply!
I am an ardent fan of news and I always take time to explore and understand the day’s happenings that took place somewhere around the globe but at the end of it all I always end up heartbroken and losing all hope I had in humanity’s willingness and ability to promote mutual existence, peace and stability earth wide!
Each day that passes there are always victims of human carelessness, violence, greed, error and ignorance. Precious souls are lost all the time, it’s vital that know the value of each and every individual, more valuable than any amount of gold there is. It is so disheartening that many people who would have offered or added up considerable amounts of human resources like time, labour and knowledge end up “going too soon” and this means a big loss because they go with all their useful resources. If nations had made good use of these souls their standards of living would have been far off than at present!
What the world needs is full growth, development, social integration and love which are all very vital to promoting the much-needed peace and stability. Things like greed, riots, chaos, demonstrations, revenge and careless killings should all belong to the past, we need to keep going forward to a brighter world but not backward to a darker world.
Therefore, in the wake of all these sad situations, it seems that a lot of people do not value the preciousness of human life. Many treat others like slaves, outcasts, animals or even creatures not deserving of any human dignity and meaningful survival and treatment!!
As conscious humans, we have to take the lead among all other creatures to put an end to all situations that bring on unnecessary violence, hatred, killings, riots and racism because all these vices are the root causes of human violence and wrong doings.
For years now, human wars have claimed billions of human lives than any other scourge and they have proved to be very deadly and unending. It is so sad to see that even in these modern times wars are still raging on! Selfish ambitions of both political and religious leaders have been intensifying the need for “patriotic” and “holy” revenge or justification for fighting and in the end wars!
Truly saying, this world has reached a moment of urgency and the need for everyone’s contribution to putting an end to human-caused violence and thus put the planet on the course of utmost peace and tranquillity. Our leaders need to be extra responsible to the people they are serving and it’s their role to promote justice and equality for all irrespective of gender, age or race.
They have an obligation and a call of service to be the torch bearers and agitate for an end to human conflicts and violence. Our leaders need to always be compassionate and demonstrate a willing determination to put people’s interests ahead of their own and this should compel them to appropriately use the powers in their hands to prevent and avoid any shedding of blood, violence, and hatred of any nature!
It’s also evidently true that nowhere in the world can you be 100% safe or secure, even the safest places are often breached and this makes everyone live in great fear all the time. And it is a true fact that human-caused deaths and calamities have always exceeded natural causes of death and calamities which significantly shows that the changing trends are evidence of the ever-growing human hatred within ourselves.
For the political leaders if it is evident that the majority of the citizens are not pleased with your services you should not try to revenge by harassing, torturing or mistreating them but instead they should give way to the capable ones who are able and willing to bring forth the changes that people actually desire.
Also, we should let nature determine when a living soul has to cease existing. We as mere humans have no right to judge the longevity of a fellow human being. Nature brought us here, we are naturally here and we were born in a natural process so we have to stop existing only under natural circumstances and not at the hands of fellow humans.
I understand that there may be grave criminals, murderers deserving punishment by execution….I guess this shouldn’t be this way instead they can be imprisoned for life and nature will decide their fate as to when they will die. Let’s not become responsible for the bloodshed or loss of any soul, let’s do our best to save as many souls as we can, let’s not put ourselves in nature’s position to decide when changes to life should happen!
Human life does not belong to us, but to Jehovah God the giver of the free gift of precious life. Our role is to take good care of our valuable life and try as much as possible to live a happy and meaningful life. True, you cannot claim to live a peaceful and happy life while on the other side of the earth peace and happiness are far beyond the reach of many people!
We should always forgive others and forget their past errors because the more we keep their errors in our hearts the more likely we are to make revenge or be easily compelled to want to fight them back. We should let go of the past mistakes and embrace the available opportunities of loving kindness and try to live together in a free-flowing world of peace and eternal freedom.
Caution: Humans do not have the authority or right to end the precious lives of fellow humans, it does not belong to them but to our heavenly creator. If we dare try and force ourselves into God’s seat surely the after effects will always be sour and very bitter for us!
We all have many precious opportunities around us. These opportunities can be found in others too and therefore we should aim at reaching out to fellow humans and get hold on to these opportunities. Let’s view other people’s lives the same way as we would view our own, let’s also treasure it in the same way. Doing so will help and put an end to all human-caused suffering, ignorance, torture, violence and deaths. Let’s learn to see, embrace and appreciate the goodness in others.
God bless you all….
Eric Junior


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