Traveling in Uganda’s Virgin Nature

Dear Readers,

Greetings from your beloved blogger and young journalist! Now let’s talk about something very interesting and also exciting:Travel and nature. As an aspiring travel journalist, am so much trying to find more creative ways of developing and getting familiar with my much-loved careerAs a nature enthusiast, the love for nature and greenery captivates me and sometimes it’s the biggest factor for my extensive travel, far and wide! Some time ago, I traveled to the west of my homeland Uganda, to the region of Mbarara which is approximately 250 kilometers and 3:30hrs by road from Kampala to visit some relatives there!
It was my third time to this “land of milk and honey” as it is fondly called.

As usual, I took the precise position: a comfortable seat near the window. This enables me to keep my eyes fixed on the bus and on to the beautiful nature outside in the areas where the bus shall be passing! I got on the bus at around 11:30am.I had checked in with Global Coaches for this memorable $8 journey that would later take me through the districts of Masaka, Lwengo, Kalungu, Wakiso, Gomba, Butambala, Mpigi, Kabula, Lyantonde and Kiruhura then to Mbarara!

At 23-25℃, the sunny weather was just the perfect that any excited traveler would expect to enjoy and make his/her trip a very interesting one! It took us two hours from Kampala to Masaka and the fact that some sections of the highway are still under construction, there were some delays! After a break of 20 minutes, the bus resumed the much longer section of the journey, that is Masaka – Mbarara! Now the stage was set to have the amazing views of the beauty of the nature that lay on both sides of the road, far and away!

Amazing countryside!

While most passengers were already asleep, I couldn’t stop feeling sorry for them for losing this opportunity to have the scenic views of this countryside….maybe they had already seen as much than I did, I didn’t know either! I kept on looking outside with a curious and an excited look!

To remind you, a national park lies on this highway and it’s the nearest gazetted animal habitat from Kampala after nearly 230 kilometers from the capital city. So I had more reasons to get very excited because there were chances for me to see some wild animals along the way from the view of the bus window, and of course, I saw some, Gazelles, Zebras and Kobs!

The greenery is indescribable, beyond any words to describe….. The scattered acacia trees that don this vast Savannah and equatorial vegetation! I continued staring in complete awe, no development or human settlement in this peaceful area, it is just like a green vegetation blanket. Even before you reach the national park, most land is uninhabited and boasts of rolling hills and the abundance of green nature!

You’ll have to love it…

As the bus was speeding fast, I wished that no development or inhabitation may take place in this virgin and uninterrupted part of “The pearl of Africa”. And surely the government did the best thing yet to seal off this beautiful area and gazetted it into a protected national park. This makes it possible for nature to thrive and exist in its natural way. I could only imagine if I could always walk into this lovely countryside….but, Aren’t you afraid of wild animals? Huh? Oh, of course, I do but I really love this kind of nature {laughs}

I want to let you know that if you happen to make a long trip to any part of Uganda, you’re set to enjoy a scenic view of the beautiful nature! You’ll drive through dense rainforests like Mabira forest or sugarcane and tea plantations on Kampala – Jinja highway, the rice plantations on your way to Busia, the Savannah tropical bushlands in the north, the swamplands, the Lwera bushlands and so much more!

Due to the fact that Uganda is not an industrial nation, the environment has been kept free from degradation except the areas surrounding Kampala. This has been made more interesting by the fact that in almost all regions of Uganda, agriculture is the main economic activity. So this at least keeps the greenery thriving!

Even during my return journey back to Kampala, I sat near the bus window to completely admire the beauty of this part of Uganda. To tell you the truth, I loved it, I enjoyed it and also made me so proud of being a citizen of Uganda. A good advice if you’re to travel again someday, try as possible to seat near the window so that you don’t miss to experience what I am actually telling you here!
You will by every means get to appreciate how nature and green environment can make you feel…..

I hope you love nature as much like I do, nature is my good friend and that’s why I keep looking at it! It comforts me, relaxes my minds and also keeps me fresh. We can all live peacefully with nature and to the benefit of each other. And when I speak of the ability of my dear country in this way, I can’t deny but simply admit it that “Truly, Uganda is gifted by nature”!
Thank you for reading…..


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