Car Video Monitors – A Distractive Menace!

Greetings pals! Today, I am concerned about the upsurge in road accidents caused by drivers’ ignorance. Many factors, most of which we know very well, cause road accidents and these can entirely be avoided to prevent more road tragedies.

One of the reasons for the road accidents is driver distraction. Oftentimes drivers shift their attention from what’s ahead of them while driving at high speeds and then focus on something else that diverts them. I have started to notice that the majority of modern vehicles are fitted with video players/Tv viewing devices.

An unidentified driver having his video monitor on while he’s driving. 

In my thinking, these gadgets have no meaningful reason to be on as someone is driving. Watching a video requires the full attention of someone’s mind and this means that for a person driving, he will have to repeatedly switch his eyes off the road for a while to see what’s on the Tv screen and this can lead to a fatal road crash.

I am advocating for a total ban on having these gadgets installed in places within the driver’s eyesight. Such devices should be placed on passenger seats because they are the non-active vehicle occupants. The traffic police should heavily fine any driver found having these devices on and passengers too can report any driver watching them while he’s driving. I am pretty sure that audio players are just enough for the driver’s entertainment while driving.

As more cases of the rampant road accidents are sorted out, all those responsible shouldn’t ignore this fact, drivers ought to pay maximum attention and alertness to what’s ahead of where they are driving to. Those with these gadgets already installed in their vehicles can enforce self-discipline in this by deciding to watch ONLY when they aren’t driving or even having them uninstalled.

Every road user’s life matters a lot, so let’s have time for everything, a time for seriousness on the road and a time to have entertainment. Let’s be considerate of other road users by not endangering their lives and not letting anything to divert our attention as we drive on the roads.

Remember road safety begins with us, and it’s our responsibility to uphold it.


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