Why Double Glazed Windows Are Important In Your Home.

Double glazing is when two window panes are securely fitted into a window frame. The space between the window panes is important as this is where a layer of Argon gas is inserted. But why Argon gas? Because it is denser than air. That means it stops cold air from coming into your home and prevents warm air from leaking out. A good double glazing window offers many benefits that other types of windows can’t. Read about them in this article:
Maintaining warmth during winter
The insulating layer of double glazing keeps the outside temperatures from affecting the warmer temperatures inside. This preserves your home significantly warm throughout the winter. Changing from single glazing to double glazing can lower the loss of heat that goes out through the windows by over 50%. This system also reduces the need for artificial heat.
Reducing noise from outside
You may want to enjoy the calmness of your home inside your house or want to have a good sleep, but the noise from outside is bothering you. Your house could be situated near a motorway or next to trees with noisy birds. Due to technological advancements, having double glazed windows can keep all this unnecessary noise from entering into your house.
Enhances the security of your home
Double glazed windows can help to improve the security of your home. Since hardened glass is normally used, the double glazed windows can be harder for a thief or burglar to break or smash. This means they are far better than a single glass. And in case they are broken, the glass debris normally stays in place.
Reducing Ultraviolet damage
Ultraviolet light from the sun’s strong rays can cause severe damage to your skin. Besides that, it also leads to the fading of furniture and carpets in your house. Having double glazed windows significantly lowers the amount of ultraviolet light that enters your house. It is recommended that a tinted piece of glass is used on the outside of the double glazing unit. If this is done, the ultraviolet light elimination can be increased up to 86%. This also helps to preserve the value of your home furniture.
The benefits one gains from having double glazed windows far outweigh one can gain from having single glazed windows by a bigger margin. Protecting and safeguarding the lives of those in your household and the belongings is a priority and double glazed windows significantly contributes to this.


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