Things to Focus your Attention while using Power Tools!

Power tools are man’s ‘third hand’ in getting hard work accomplished. This can be true if they are handled in the right way. Serious consequences befall those who ignore the basic rules for using these vital tools! These rules are simple and not difficult to observe. Following them will help you understand why power tools can be so helpful.

 Always consult the instruction manual
Most people just throw away the user manuals. You can’t effectively use a power tool without knowing what’s required of you to do before using it. Take time to read first, understand and follow the user manual that accompanies the power tool in the product package. Also, check out for warning labels tagged on the tool’s side. They bear useful information for you!
Power tools are very dynamic partners in getting the hardest jobs done.
Mind your eyes and ears
It is risky to use a power tool without any safety gear. Wear safety glasses or goggles that have side shields. These protect your eyes from any approaching debris. Again, ensure that you use a dust mask over your nose while on dusty operations. You shouldn’t also forget that some power tools produce excessively loud noise that can lead to hearing loss. So you must wear hearing protection.
Don’t operate under influence
Using power tools while under the influence of either drug, alcohol or body stress due to tiredness might lead you to lose control over it. The same applies when you feel weak and sick therefore being unable to maintain focus on what you are doing.
Organise your working area
Ensure that the place you are working from is well organised to give you space to move and work freely. The place should be free of any debris that might obstruct you or get in your way leading to a fall. Some debris like paper pieces, dry grass, etc can get ignited by sparks from the power tool.
Switch on and turn off appropriately
Always remember to turn off the power switch before plugging in the power tool. Even after use you must turn it off and unplug it before making any inspections, disassembling and changing any accessory. You must also inspect each part to detect warnings for damage or faults.
Use the right accessories
Don’t go for every accessory just because it is cheap. Some of them are incompatible and can cause malfunctioning of your power tool. Only use accessories that the maker supplies or recommends. Doing the opposite can be very risky!!
Power tools are very dynamic partners in getting the hardest jobs done. Convincing as it sounds, this fact shouldn’t blind us to the reality that power tools do pose a grave danger when misused. Always keep in mind the above guidelines to gain the most out of your hard work with power tools.

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