How to Get Your Website Approved for Affiliate Programs

Affiliate program is an automated marketing and sales program where a web advertiser or merchant recruits the webmasters to place the merchant’s banner ads or buttons on their own websites. Webmasters will receive a commission fee from the sales made when the customer clicks on the affiliate link to get to the merchant’s website to make a purchase or fill out a contact form. First, you should know the types of affiliate programs you can work with and choose the one you can suitably use for your affiliate website.
The most common affiliate programs include Pay Per Click – PPC. This is an internet marketing formula used to set the price for online advertisements. Here, the online advertiser will pay the webmasters the agreed upon pay per click rate when an advert is clicked on. This doesn’t matter whether a sale has been made or not.
Another is called Pay Per Lead is where the advertiser pays the webmaster basing on the conversion of leads for example based on the files or software downloads, volumes of completed sign up forms for subscription or a newsletter. So if the customer clicks and follows the link to the advertiser’s website and completes the desired action then the webmaster is paid.
Then we have the pay per sale where the advertiser pays the webmaster based on the conversion of sales. This happens if the online customer follows the advertiser’s link to his website and then makes a purchase of a product or service according to the agreement made, then the webmaster is paid.
Such mechanisms are great online sales and marketing tools whose benefits can be grabbed by online businesses to target the ever increasing number of online shoppers. If you are thinking of having a website specifically to offer affiliated programming services, this information should help you succeed in this venture. The fact that now it is a competitive online business, so you need to stand out in a special way.
Affiliate applications are approved by a network or affiliate managers who scrutinise the applicants’ details to ensure that no fraudulent affiliates are allowed to operate. The success of your affiliate application much depends on the following factors:
Having a realistic working plan 
You need to explain in detail to the affiliate manager how you plan to stimulate and divert traffic to the online advertiser. In this case, you need to propose unique and creative ways of how you will use content marketing tools to attract your target audience and make them perform the desired action that is likely to generate a sales or purchase. Good and effective plans can swiftly get approved if at all they meet the merchant’s expectations.
Being available in case of contact
Before approving your application for an affiliate program, the manager might want to have a short conversation to ascertain the authenticity and originality of your submitted application. For this case, you have to include your full contact details like telephone number and email address. Given the fact that an affiliate manager handles a large volume of applications, there are a few selected days in a week. So to increase your approval chances, be much available for much of these selected days.
Having a professional email address
In case you are a new affiliate program applicant, you are encouraged to use your professional website email so as to make your application appear genuine and adding some sense of seriousness. Applicants having common email addresses with Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail you might not be serious. Instead having your email coming from your professional website is recommendable. A good example is if you are an affiliate that aims to promote the sale of laptops, your email might be ****
Having good quality and original content on your website
Good affiliates are identified based on the authenticity of the content they have on their websites. Affiliate managers to scrutinise your content with a keen eye so as to be sure that fraudsters with inauthentic content are not allowed to operate. Your most emphasis should be on giving the most top class quality content that specifically targets your affiliate program’s target audience. Furthermore, your content must be easy to read and to grasp by the potential customers. Slanted content will lead a disapproval.
Well designed and arranged website
Making your web pages easy to browse/scroll through with great ease can be useful in having your website approved for affiliate programs. You shouldn’t place a lot of banners almost everywhere making your website look crowded. This isn’t a good idea however much you want to show that you can really handle this business. Your website should rank highly and look attractive! Give it a nice look with attractive graphic designs that will greatly appeal to your target audience. This could mean hiring the services of a freelance web designer to give your website that catchy fresh look.
Use a genuine website and avoid blogs
Any serious affiliate program applicant uses a professional website that has a short and easy to understand domain name. You are advised to avoid using blogs as this shows a lack of seriousness. Instead, have your own domain name and a hosting account that is different from other domains ie: or You should also avoid using long domains, the basic one shouldn’t exceed ten characters for easy identification. Furthermore, you should spice up your website and use easy to understand and clear language.
Have multiple merchants
Basically having multiple merchants can show seriousness and a promise that your website will later become an economic bee-hive for future merchants. You shouldn’t create your website around one website or around one product. This is because that merchant might decide to close shop so that one merchant or product might not be dependable or reliable. Be more active and get more online advertisers to increase your chances of approval.
Stand out with a related blog
Lastly, another way to stand out is by creating a blog that is closely related to your website. On this blog you can write content that leads to a specific reference, connecting to specific products on your affiliate site with a link. This can help you to channel traffic from the search engines to your particular product pages on the website. Fill your blog with good and attractive content and use it in your affiliate application programs. Once you are approved then you can add it up in the recommendations pages.
It takes a lot of efforts to get approved. A lot of things you need to arrange in order and appease the network managers to allow you be their affiliate. It takes a lot to start up the website itself and fill it with the related info to match the merchants’ expectations and once you get approved, it will be an encouraging move. Just take your time and put everything in order.



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