Simple Procedures to Help You Gain the Most from Your Wool Quilts

Wool quilts are made of the delicate material that needs extra care for a convenient sleep during a cold night. Wool quilts help to regulate body temperature and control moisture while we sleep. Like any other gentle material, wool quilts need to be looked after so well to avoid any damage that will render them useless. Practising the following procedures can extend your quilt’s performance for a long time.
After purchase
Your new wool quilt doesn’t need to be washed straight away after unpacking but it’s a good practice if you sift it out in the gentle air to remove the entangled wool fibres. This is because wool quilts are always compressed for a very long time. You should then spread out the wool quilts under the sun’s warmth. Additionally, you can also spray the wool quilt’s cotton cover with cool water before hanging it on the washing line.

Wool quilts help to regulate body temperature and control moisture while we sleep.


Washing your wool quilts

As you may know, wool doesn’t react well to being scrubbed or overheated every now and then. That is why while dry cleaning it, you need to set the heat to the minimum. And in case it is labelled as machine-washable then it is recommended to use a front-end machine loader with a maximum temperature of warm 40 Celsius water.

Stain removal
Stains like sweat, blood, food and drinks can become permanent after dry cleaning. You should use the  recommended spot-cleaning methods. One of them is to mix a tablespoon of wool detergent and another tablespoon of white vinegar into one liter of lukewarm water. Then spray directly to the affected area while using a soft cloth to rub gently. Rinse the quilt and let it dry naturally.
Store your wool quilt in cloth or linen bags
While not in use especially during summertime, it is advisable that you keep your wool quilts in a well-aerated linen or cloth bag and strictly avoid plastic bags. Using closed plastic bags encourages the growth of mold and mildew due to high moisture rate and this won’t allow the quilts to breathe enough. Using cotton well-aerated cotton and linen bags keeps your wool quilts in a fine condition.

Wool quilts are highly absorbent soft material that needs strict care and maintenance to keep their original purity. This will make the quilts last for a long time while giving you a lot of pleasure and comfort to use.


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