Commercial Security Installments to Compliment Your Sliding Doors for Maximum Security

Having only the sliding security doors installed at your business isn’t enough especially if you are operating in a high crime area. Having more than one security installments will provide the most reliable security for your commercial property. This can be the case where armed thugs might penetrate through the sliding doors using big tools. Although sliding security doors are strong, but adding an outer security grille can lessen any security worries.
Side folding security grille

Side folding security grilles are ideal for curve-shaped business entrances. They are usually made and designed from aluminum, which is a very tough security component commonly used for commercial security. There are many design options to consider, i.e. the open rod system, the Lexan panel inserts, the perforated aluminum and so many others.

The roll-up security doors

The most common among these is the roll-up that is installed on the exterior side of your commercial building. It’s suitable for retail shops are added for enhanced security and protection of the inside sliding doors. When you close the shop, there will be fewer chances of intrusion and vandalism on your sliding doors and your items inside the shop will be very safe.

Scissor security gates
The unique commercial gates are designed to offer maximum durability, ventilation and tight security for your commercial property. The scissor gates are suitable for driveways, storefronts, warehouse doors, etc. They are made of double-steel channels which are attached together to connect with steel lattice bars. The bars are conjoined with the nylon bearings to be operated with fewer efforts. In addition to offering maximum security, the scissor gates also provide a clear view of the outside and the inside of your commercial property.
Rolling security grilles
These prevent unauthorized entry at your premises’ exterior entrances, storefronts or cafeterias. They are a perfect companion for your sliding security doors as they deter quick petty crimes. They come in a variety of polished stainless and deep bronze metal finishes. They can be customized to fit your business’ entrance and they can easily be operated. Their rugged and sturdy structure from quality materials ensures their longer lifespan while requiring little maintenance.
As noted earlier, adding any of the above-highlighted security doors and grilles will increase security at your business without having to worry about the effectiveness of your sliding doors. Talk to your door technician to see how any of the above security doors and grilles can be installed at your premises.


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