Find the Right Bag Sewing Equipment for Your Industrial Needs

It’s not always easy to choose the right bag sewing equipment especially if you can’t make it to their showroom for a sampling. It’s because of this that it’s hard to confirm the kind of equipment to suit your industrial bag and packaging needs. However, these tips will help you to understand the features and specifications of sewing equipment and determine whether they meet your packaging needs.

 Sewing pedestals
Pedestal sewing machines are basically large and fixed in a certain place. They are suitable for large business enterprises and are usually fixed towards the end of the bagging system to sew the bags shut after they have been filled up. Selecting the right one will depend on the size you need, the type of bag, the closure type and the level of automation while sewing.

Know your business’ needs and get the right bag sewing equipment.

Sewing heads
These are fixed on sewing pedestals or bag conveyors. There are different accessories available for fixed sewing heads, i.e. tag placers, bag-top folders, mounting pedestals, thread and tape break sensors, etc. Others include; the super-fast models for very busy sewing work and can fill up all the sewn holes with more thread to avoid any leakage. When used with a sewing pedestal, the sewing head has the capacity to seal around 6 to 20 bags every minute depending on the speed and model.
Bag closures
These specifically do the final wrapping up of the bag sealing and closing process. They come I several types, i.e. plain sewers which are used with big-sized material that won’t allow leakage amidst the stitches as they use two threads. Others are, the plain sew featuring a bag top fold over, a tape sew with an easy to pull tape for stitched bags, and a tape over sews that uses a paper tape sealed with hot melt glue.
For small businesses, Handheld or portable sewers are better
If you are running a small bag making enterprise, then choosing a portable sewing unit can be enough to accommodate your business needs where a fixed sewing head is not suitable. They have the capacity to seal between 4 to 8 bags in a minute and are made to easily be used by hands. In addition, they are flexible and light meaning that they utilise a lot of space for its storage.
Among the many factors for you to consider while buying the sewing equipment, think about the material of packaging you deal in and the type of products packed. The size of your business also matters as you will decide between the portable sewing equipment or a large-sized bag sewing equipment.

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