Selecting The Right Well Pump for Your Home Water Supply

We always need ever flowing and clean water supply in our homes. When a public water connection grid isn’t available, we have to dig wells within our homes. These wells require that we install water pumps that are paired with pressure tanks for continued water distribution in every part of your home. Many times water pumps get completely damaged and you only have to replace them. The following should guide you in selecting the right water pump for your home water supply:
 For replacements, consider the type of pump you have

First, understand the type of water pump you have. Jet pumps are typically used and are installed either above ground or at the well’s basement to draw water using pipes. Most times, a jet pump is fixed within a pressure tank. In case your jet pump has a single pump for drawing water, then it is a shallow well jet pump and where it has two pipes, then that is a deep well jet pump. Furthermore, where you have got one pipe coming from the well and into the pressure tank, then that is a submersible water pump. Submersible pumps are fitted near the base of your well and they only pump water when it’s needed.

Finding the right water pump will ensure uninterrupted water supply to your home, with minimal maintenance costs.


Check your current pump size
You should do this by checking your pump’s label plate for the horsepower rate. For submersible pumps you should check your original installation documents for a reference, if you can’t find it then you will have to remove the pump from the well to check it.
For a better water pump performance, it’s recommended that you select a model which will give the water distribution more horsepower Such pumps do run only when needed, helping them to last for a long time. You should also observe if your submersible pump has two or three wires. The three wire pumps have a separate control panel whereas the two wire pumps have their controls inbuilt.
In case of new installations, determine the well’s depth
If you are just making a new pump installation, you should know your well’s depth to its water level. This will help you to know the type of water pump suitable for the well’s depth. Check your well contractor’s report and find where it lists the well’s depth to water. Where the depth isn’t listed, you should then experiment the well’s depth by using a marked rod with measurements which you will dip into the well to determine the marked water level using the rod measurements.

You shouldn’t spend your money on hiring water pump technicians if you can easily follow the above steps to install or replace a water pump.  Where you are confused, don’t hesitate to call the water pump technician to offer assistance but ensure that the new water pump is of high quality to render it more effective.


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