What to consider before hiring a fishing charter…

We have all enjoyed our favorite sea hobby of sportfishing and have always cherished the incredible moments on these fish hunting trips. While out in the waters, you mostly rely on the boat captain for bigger catches and the condition of the fishing boat for your safety. Taking time to discuss a few aspects with your fishing charter operator will guarantee you a successful fishing trip! These steps come in handy…

Make your safety a priority while at the sea

Hiring a fishing charter service implies that you’re putting your entire life in the hands of a total stranger – the fishing captain! For this reason, safety should be the number one priority while choosing the right fishing charter. Many unpredictable incidents can happen at the sea, i.e. boat accidents, sea storms, weather changes, etc. You can consider this small checklist: the charter’s insurance liability for sea incidents, provision of life jackets, the crew’s expertise in offering CPR and first aid, the vessel’s physical or mechanical condition and whether it has twin engines so that when one fails, the other can continue operating.

Be sure that the captain is experienced

For your fishing trip to be successful, you’ll have to be accompanied by a well-experienced fishing captain who knows the area waters so well. Ensure that he or she is licensed to operate as a fishing captain and that his vessel is also duly registered. A well-trained fishing captain has the expertise to accurately predict turbulent sea weather conditions and also deal with them skillfully in case they strike unexpectedly! Additionally, a skilled fishing captain should know the best spots to find enough fish at any given time of the day to avoid wasting time looking for fish. He or she should also be knowledgeable about the different kind of fish baits for each fish species. They should guide you in distinguishing the lawful fish species from the protected ones so that you can avoid any getting into any trouble with the fishing authorities once you reach the shores.


With the right procedures observed, your fishing trip won’t be the same…


Examine the vessel’s speed and size.

The success of your fishing expedition doesn’t depend on the fishing captain alone as having the right boat also matters a lot! A vessel in a clean mechanical condition will mean fewer scares while at the sea. If your fishing group consists of more than four people, then it’s advisable to choose a bigger vessel, less than that, then a lighter one will be fitting. For the right boat size, find charter vessels between 33 – 35 ft. and these are considered ideal for an ultimate family fishing adventure. Remember, the heavier the boat, then the easier the sailing will be while at the sea due to the vessel’s sturdiness. In addition, select a faster vessel with better speed knots to enable you to reach the fishing grounds in time.

Find the right fishing gear

Before setting out to the sea, understand the different kinds of fishing gear, how they operate and then choose which ones you’ll be more comfortable to use. Some applicable fishing gear includes fishing rods, trawl nets, dredges, and traps. The most common fishing gear is the fishing rod but you should first learn from the captain how to operate them. Take Me Fishing has helpful basics including a video on how you can choose the right fishing rod.

For your own safety, you shouldn’t underestimate these factors as many who have done otherwise have ended up tragically losing their lives. Everyone wants to tell a great story from their fishing expedition and then show off with a record-breaking catch but don’t let what’s meant to be a fun outing to be ruined by poor preparations.

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