How Social Media is Shaping the Sports Fraternity

With every aspect of our lives being shaped by the social media, nothing is left behind. Forget about getting worried for staying out of touch with your favourite sports team for a long time! Social media has made it possible for diehard fans in different sports categories to stay informed about their teams’ performance. The following highlights how social media has been fully exploited to make sports an even more interesting part of life:
Having a social media account is all that is needed to follow your favourite team by liking their official Facebook pages, following their Twitter accounts, Google+, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. With the easy accessibility of social media (being popular for sharing information), fans of different sports teams can never miss out on the most recent updates about their teams, i.e. get match line-ups, instant live updates during a match or an upcoming match. Fans can also ‘like’ the posts (to agree), share or retweet them with their friends, and to comment on the posts to express their opinions.
If you have access to fast internet, then you would never have to rely on TV sets or going up to the stadium to watch your team play. Nowadays, it’s possible to live stream an on-going match from the comfort of your home. Recently, Facebook introduced live video streaming to enable fans of different Facebook pages to receive notifications whenever a page they like goes live video streaming. Additionally, many short video clips are available on YouTube with match highlights or an archive of video clips for past matches that you may have missed.
What’s more, social media is also helping die-hard fans to proudly portray their loyal support towards their favourite sports teams. One of them, Facebook, now has a profile picture changing tool that enables users to update their profile pictures bearing their favourite teams’ official logos. On the other side, the teams have also maintained regular interaction with their loyal social media fans by engaging them in mini online competitions to give out free equipment, i.e. sports jerseys, balls, free match tickets and free stadium tours, etc. Besides that, fans can also engage their sports personalities through the Question and Answer sessions where they promptly reply to their fans’ questions.
Sports teams have also taken advantage of social media platforms to encourage their fans to visit their official websites to buy match tickets and other sporting equipment from the team’s online retail stores, i.e. jerseys, caps, shoes, trainers and sneakers, balls, etc. This strategy is known to increase financial revenues of the sports teams through making online sales.

Nowadays on several social media especially Facebook, there are many discussion groups and related pages created by fans to discuss their teams’ performance while expressing their opinions and ideas about the major news and incidences within the sports fraternity. Fans are also able to predict a match’s final result and to offer post-match opinions to express their pleasure or discontentment about a match’s outcome.
Major news corporations have also tapped social media to create dedicated sports pages different from their main pages to specifically offer a wide range of sports-related news to their followers, this could be due to the fact that most people today pay more attention to sports news that any other stuff. All this is proof that social media is continuously promoting sports more than any other online platform.



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