What You Should Consider Before Hiring a Professional Tree Care Consultant (Arborist)

It is well-known that trees are significant in our natural landscape and for that reason, committing our resources (i.e. time and money) towards servicing them can be rewarding in the long run. It is important, therefore, to get expert tree servicing from professional arborists. The following are the criteria for selecting the right tree consultant:
Certification and association membership
You should ask for evidence of membership in professional arborist associations and for any specialised arborist certifications. These establish a prime level of professional competence, qualification and commitment in this field. Most relevant here are the certification and credentials offered by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the pre-requisite for this is the 18 months of practical training in arboriculture
Find an insured arborist
Request for a certificate of insurance from the arborist’s insurance agent. It should indicate a proof of liability for personal and property damage while on duty. This is because under some situations a homeowner can be held liable in case an uninsured worker is hurt while on their property or damaged a neighbour’s property. That is why before hiring the arborist, be sure that any incident that might happen is covered by the insurance.
Understand the tree consultancy costs
It is important to understand the expenses of proper and professional tree care and consultancy because you need to find the affordable service. You have to know that commercial tree consultants invest a lot in acquiring equipment and training, so labour, training, insurance, etc. can all add to the price overhead. So the prices charged should reflect all of the costs involved. To reduce high costs, you would do well to schedule the work in advance or coordinate with neighbours to be given a group discount.
Carefully examine the tree consultancy contract
Most tree consultancy firms maintain their own terms and conditions which greatly vary from one company to the other. Making a written contract with the tree consultancy firm will help to prevent any misunderstandings during the working period and also give you an assurance that you will be offered an exceptional work of high standards. You should carefully read and understand the document and where possible, check with a solicitor for clarification.
Be aware of scammers who go from door to door most especially after a storm and solicit for money while pretending to be arborists. In addition, ensure that there are safe working conditions for the arborist to carry out their work i.e. removing any downed electrical wires. Selecting the right tree consultant will greatly contribute to the worth and longevity of your trees. 


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