The Four Teeth Whitening Procedures Recommended by Dentists

A lot of people are afraid of putting on a good smile while in the company of others. Whereas others prefer not to open their mouth at all for fear that they will get embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth. You will never have to keep doing this because with the help of a qualified dentist, you can get your teeth whitened or bleached to make them appear just as you wish. Here are the simple procedures that a dentist will recommend for you depending on your dental needs:Teeth whitening toothpaste and mouth rinses

Your dentist will recommend you to use teeth whitening toothpaste that contains abrasives which are also known as polishing agents. They ease stain removal from your teeth while brushing. Besides, a mouth rinse contains a bleaching agent known as hydrogen peroxide. These products are very effective if used on a daily basis especially after a meal to avoid prolonged teeth staining. There are also special whitening toothbrushes that don’t cause abrasion while brushing. These use specially condensed bristles.

In-office teeth whitening treatment
This process involves the dentist applying a protective coating on the gum tissue and the lips. The dentist will then apply a whitening gel to the teeth and after that, an ultra-violet lamp is shined onto the teeth to trigger the component in the gel. The whole process usually involves using a lot of bleaching gel and this type of treatment can yield the desired results immediately.’
Teeth whitening strips and chewing gum
The whitening sugarless chewing gum helps to remove food residue after eating. This works by stimulating the saliva to moisturise your teeth and the mouth. The chewing gum whiteners will coat the teeth to avoid any staining. On the other hand, the whitening strips are small plastic strips with a peroxide gel which you can regularly apply to your teeth. For effective results, the strips can be used daily for thirty minutes.
Tray-based teeth whitening
This involves using a mouthguard tray with a whitening gel that contains peroxide bleaching agent. Your dentist can provide you with a kit that you can use at home. At first, the dentist will examine your teeth structure and then a fitting tray will be made to fit inside your mouth. These trays can be used once in a day for two weeks with each usage lasting up to sixty minutes.
As you have read, the above teeth whitening procedures aren’t hard to apply, all you need is to be patient and following your dentist’s guidance. This will help you achieve the target results within the stipulated time. Above all, it will keep you smiling without having to worry about the appearance of your teeth.


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