Factors to Think About While Buying the Right Car Bike Rack

Car bike racks are known to be the most appropriate bike transporting gear during a biking trip or adventure. They are suitable because they help you to firmly fasten your bikes, and then safely carry them to wherever you may wish. The car racks come in different sizes, styles, and models. However, you will have to deliberate on the following factors for you to settle for the right one:

The number of bikes carried

You may have several bikes that you and your colleagues want to take along for your next bike trip. For that case, you would benefit a lot by choosing a car bike rack that can accommodate more than two bikes at a go. Trunk racks, Hitch racks, Truck racks and roof racks, are the recommended car bike racks for carrying three or more bikes. But for those intending to carry less than that number, then the spare tire rack and the smaller model of trunk racks may be appropriate.


The car bike rack’s ease of use

Anyone would go for a bike carrier that won’t give them a hard time in situations like installation, fastening and unfastening of bikes. By being easy to use, we are talking about a rack that is lightweight and, therefore enabling you attach and detach your bikes with less lifting efforts required. Most bikers are convenient with trunk and spare tire racks due to their portability, but you won’t be able to use the trunk while the rack is fixed. Also, hitch racks are well preferred over roof racks due to their simple installation procedure and the fewer efforts needed to lift the bikes.

Flexibility of the bike racks

Bikers prefer racks that are adaptable for installing on several car models and multipurpose in structure. If you have a bigger vehicle, for example, a truck or van with a roof rack for you to strap your bikes, and also be able to attach a hitch rack to its rear side. Trunk racks are suitable for almost all small car models, and for vehicles with a pre-fitted hitch receiver from Class II to IV, then a hitch rack would be the best choice.

The bike’s locking systems

A bike rack’s ability to keep your bike safe decides whether it’s worthy of buying. Above all, a good car bike rack should have adjustable anti-sway straps that tightly secures them in one place. This would prevent the bikes from swinging from side to side and from bumping into each other while transporting them.

Considering the above factors will help you find not only the right car bike rack but also give you the convenience of carrying your bikes with you, anywhere!

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