Noticed Any of These Plumbing Faults? It’s Time to Call a Pro

Many times, homeowners overlook minor plumbing faults, forgetting that these are looming disasters capable of destroying an entire home! Ignoring them can be costly in terms of plumbing repairs and water bill costs. Professional plumbers can make repairs or offer replacement advice to counter the following plumbing faults:

When the drain pipes get clogged

Drainage pipes get clogged due to trapped substances that block water outflow, especially in sinks. Items like bottle tops, hairpieces, food particles, etc get stuck inside the pipes and thus partially or entirely blocking the system’s drainage. Plumbing problems like this necessitate the urgent need for a commercial drain cleaner to unclog the blocked pipes. To prevent future faults, you should install drain screens to block large particles from being washed down into the drains.

Overflowing toilets

This happens when the filling tubes and flapper valves get loose. The flapper valve controls the water flow from the cistern to the toilet bowl and when it gets loose, the filling tubes won’t work as well. So you might be advised to replace the whole apparatus. If the problem is minor, the plumber will simply use a toilet repair kit that can be applicable on most toilet models, to fix the fault. A professional plumber will also check for unnoticed inner water leaks that you may not have detected before.

Reduced water flow

This is indicated by water flowing in just droplets. Reduced water flow is caused by several factors, one of which is the build-up of dissolved minerals in the water. These minerals can build up on metal and steel surfaces like pipes and showerheads and this will slow down the water flow. The plumber will suggest having a filtration system installed to alleviate this problem. Leaking water pipes can also be the cause.


Take note of dripping taps

When water droplets continue flowing even after you have closed the tap, then there must be a serious problem. This is due to the displaced or hardened washers that are, after a long time, unable to properly stop water outflow. Dripping faucets can sharply increase your water bill and hence more costs. Fixing failed washers requires expert tools that only a professional plumber can possess.

Have your plumber inspect your plumbing system once every month to detect hidden signs of pipe leakages, clogged pipes, and malfunctioning water faucets. This will keep the water supply stable while helping you to save on water costs.

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