Smartphone Technology That Will Simplify Your Personal World

Mobile phones have become the most common handheld devices due to their extensive technological innovations as signified by the hi-tech features. These have been designed to make smartphones more user-friendly while making life a lot easier than many decades ago. The fact that smartphones have become so much addictive today is due to the all-inclusive technology that has been embedded in them and thus making smartphones a daily part of life.

If you have been pessimistic about the power of the modern smartphone, then you need to critically read this. The following highlights how some of the latest smartphone technology can help make your life a lot easier than you expected. After reading this, you would then want to reach out to your nearest smartphone dealer for the latest gadget.

Experience the power of 4G wireless networks

Forget your sobbing about sloppy and irregular 3G network connections! Currently, the 4G wireless network has the most advanced and superfast data connection in the whole world. A product of the advanced mobile engineering technology known as Long Term Evolution (LTE), 4G provides the highest internet data connectivity that can reach up to speed connections of 100mbps compared to the 42mbps that 3G offers.

4G data connectivity is the future of mobile networking that is meant to make life move faster with time. This eliminates the delays you normally experience with 3G in business networking or personal communication with your loved ones. The download speeds of 4G enabled devices will significantly reduce your waiting time by more than 80%. By upgrading from 3G to the 4G LTE network, you will never be left behind the schedule with the fast-moving world.


Tired of hanging around the mains while charging? Think wireless charging!

By now you should forget the displeasure of sitting around the socket while waiting for your phone’s battery to fill up! Almost all future gadgets will have the cordless charging system as more and more devices are being integrated into this helpful technology! With wireless charging, you won’t have to constantly scratch your head trying to remember where you left your charger! You just simply drop your phone into the wireless charging receiver which is also universal whereby you won’t have to always worry about having separate chargers for different devices.

Moreover, the advanced battery charging technology in most recent smartphones means that it will take you half the time you spend while charging an ordinary phone. This enables you to do more with your phone without having to wait for so long. That’s not all, mobile phone manufacturers are each competing to provide high capacity phone batteries that can last for a very long time to give you more time to use your phone before its battery drains. All of this obviously will change your world while wasting no time!

Worried about your privacy? Try fingerprint scanning technology!

At the moment, most ordinary mobile phone security features have proved to be ineffective and vulnerable to intrusion to privacy invaders. But if you buy a mobile phone with fingerprint scanning technology, you will always be very certain that your phone content privacy isn’t at a risk of intrusion. Maybe you are tired of always scratching your head while trying to remember your phone unlocking password or pattern. This shouldn’t be bothering you anymore because you will always need to use your own fingers to perform the following security checks with your mobile phone; carrying out secure online transactions, locking and unlocking your phone, locking and unlocking your phone’s apps, etc.

You should be assured that no one without can access your phone’s content without your fingerprint scan which proves to be a vital mobile phone security layer in addition to the face, voice, pattern and password unlocking mechanisms. This technology can change your world because it will increase the trust you have in your phone to provide the maximum level of privacy protection without any worries.

The voice recognition feature

Perhaps, at times, you don’t feel like wanting to perform certain tasks on your phone using your fingers. But all Android and Apple iOS devices feature voice recognition technology that enables you to speak up commands to your mobile phone without using your fingers. On Android devices, the voice recognition feature is found within the Google Now app. After you open the app for the first time, you will need to customise the app to recognise your voice by speaking a few words. After the setup, you will then be able to perform the following functions; calling and texting your phone contacts, creating upcoming events and alarms, speech-to-text typing, looking up something on the web, etc.

Other useful voice recognition apps include Siri on all iOS and Utter which can be downloadable from Google Play! What makes these apps more useful in your everyday life is that you can customise them to your own voice and what’s more, you can also use them while offline. With such mobile phone voice recognition technology, your world can never be the same!

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