The Different Construction Applications for the Polyethylene Builders Film

The builder’s film is a robust polyethylene sheet that is made from high-quality low-density polyethylene plastic. It is well known among the construction industry due to its low biodegradability which makes it suitable for damp-proofing purposes. These are the general building and construction applications in which the builder’s film can reliably be used:

Roof protection and insulation purposes

Due to its moisture and dampness resistance, the polyethylene builder’s film is ideally suitable for laying on your house’s roof before positioning the tiles. The builder’s film can help to prevent water from passing through to the house which can lead to roof leakage that can also weaken your roof’s structural strength.

These properties also help to provide a quality insulation layer for your house whereby the heat outflow from the house is hindered, in addition to blocking coldness from outside. The builder’s sheet is very effective when used with film fastening tape to fix it in place.


Concrete underlayment

Builders film being a durable multipurpose plastic sheet can be used as an underlay for concrete slabs as a vapor barrier to prevent any moisture intrusion into the permeable concrete slabs. In this procedure, the film is laid on the concrete slabs sub base to ensure that the bottom is fully underlaid by the film. Overlap any joints and fixed in position with the duct tape. Be sure to seal off any water pipes within the concrete area to prevent them from bringing in any moisture to the concrete slabs.

Vapor barrier for walls

The builder’s film is efficient for use as vapor resistance material. The builder’s vapor barrier films are can protect your building’s enclosing walls from moisture and dampness that might weaken their structural integrity. This, in addition, provides an inexpensive heat insulation against outside moisture or vapor. To fully make it effective, block out any possible small openings that might reduce the overall efficiency of thermal insulation by using anti-moisture adhesive tapes.

Dam and pond lining

The polyethylene plastic film is also suitable for reliable pond and dam lining for landscaping. It can be used in the construction of man-made water harvesting ponds such as farm ponds for fish rearing or irrigation purposes in gardens and on plantations. The plastic film on side slopes is fixed in position by the flat stones. Caution must be taken to prevent any blunt-edged stones from piercing through the plastic film to damage it.

The overall noteworthy performance of the polyethylene builders film is due to the following factors; durable design, being lightweight, the superb electrical properties, impact resistance and affordability. The fact that it can be used in several construction applications is enough to understand why the builder’s plastic film is very much reliable.

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  1. My mother is planning on putting a water feature in her backyard, and she’s been asking for my help on the project. I’ve been thinking about how to waterproof the reservoir that will hold the bulk of the water, so your section about pond lining is really helpful. Polyethylene builders film would be a simple and cost effective solution. I’ll let my mom know right away.


    1. erjnr says:

      Am glad you found this piece useful! Hopefully your pond lining project is a success and your Mom will be impressed 🙂


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