Beautiful Sunset Over Nairobi

These are a series of picturesque sunset images at dusk that i took on one Tuesday evening over Nairobi. Africa is truly gifted by nature through these captivating sights to behold! With just a camera, you can be able to share the beauty of your land to the entire world! Enjoy these stunning views…

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  1. Chris says:

    Wow that is beautiful !

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    1. erjnr says:

      Thank you Sir!


      1. Chris says:

        I really want to visit. Tempting… Is it safe ?!

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      2. erjnr says:

        Yes dear, nowadays its very safe to move around the city and its environs, even after dark…
        Its a vibrant city, 24/7.
        Soon I’ll upload the city pics I took today, so watch out 🙂


      3. Chris says:

        Oh cool I will do ! Thank you

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      4. erjnr says:

        You’re mostly welcome…


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