Where would you go? The 10 countries with the most pleasant climate…

Every expat or tourist would do well to consider the climate of their intended destination. Many choose to travel to areas with conducive climate to make them feel relaxed all the time…

Some time ago, The Expat Insider surveyed more than 14000 expats around the world who ranked countries with the weather they enjoyed most. Among the top ten ranked countries, three of them are in Africa, two in Central America, and five in Europe. All of them have pleasant sunny weather all-year-round, some with 12 hours of tropical sunshine per day! Such climate lets you enjoy your favorite outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, sunbathing and biking. With this ranking, you can make informed choices with regards to the weather conditions of your intended destination.

Here is my expert analysis of the top ten weather-friendly countries for expats and tourists in general:

1. Costa Rica

Bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific to its west, Costa Rica has always been a top destination for both eco-tourists and expats seeking a naturally refreshing quality of life. The greenest country in the world possesses a lot of tropical treasures in its natural biodiversity and also a warm-humid climate. The highest average temperature varies between 26° to 28°C while the lowest is 17°C. For tourists, some great spots to visit include the rain forests that shelter most of its tropical wildlife, bird watching, and hiking to some active mountain volcanoes.

2. Cyprus

Sixty-nine percent of the surveyed expats rated Cyprus’ weather as being ‘very good’. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sardinia and Sicily. It enjoys an all-year-round Mediterranean climate that many travelers, especially from northern Europe, would desperately crave for. The weather is moderate with hot and humid summers while the winters are generally cool and wet. Being a historically preserved country, Cyprus offers travelers with opportunities to visit some New Stone Age antiquities and archaeological sites with most of them found near its capital Nicosia as well as the beautiful coastlines.

3. Greece

Expats, tourists, voyagers, seafarers, archaeologists, and even refugees have always sought a better life in Greece. It is among the top 20 tourist destinations due to its convenient weather, the hundreds of islands that extend into the Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean seas, and the vast historical sites that date to several millenniums ago. The country enjoys a diverse weather depending on which part you travel to. The northern mountainous region has a cool Alpine climate, the interior has the continental climate while the south has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers specifically from May to mid-August. Popular destinations to enjoy outdoor leisure activities under a pleasant summer sunshine include Olympia, Santorini, Crete, and Macedonia.

4. Malta

Found just south of Sicily, the low-lying Malta has very a scenic coastline that offers you with some great views of the impressive sunsets. Like Greece and Cyprus, Malta also enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate with hot summers that can last from April to October. Malta also enjoys a mixed blend of mild winters and intermittently wet autumns. The average summer temperature is 30°C while for the wintertime never falls below 10°C. Besides the pleasant weather, Malta also scores well in job satisfaction and overall wellness being to most expats.

5. Uganda

Also fondly called “The pearl of Africa”, Uganda enjoys an all-year-round tropical environment with two main seasons, the dry and wet seasons. The country lies right on the equator and this could be the reason for its unique equatorial tropical climate. Its south-central and western regions receive heavy rainfalls due to the great lakes including Lake Victoria compared to the much drier northern region. The average temperature is 26°C and the most pleasant time to stay is from December to early March. Best places to visit include Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth N.P and Mount Rwenzori.

6. Kenya

Just like its neighbor Uganda, Kenya also lies on the equator and as well enjoys the equatorial climate which the majority of surveyed expats find very enjoyable. Kenya has a very beautiful coastline on the Indian ocean that makes it a top destination for beach-goers as the Diani beach and the marine reserves. Due to the nice climate and fertile soils, the south-central regions attracted many British settlers who settled here during the colonial period. At the coast, it’s always hot but also very dry in the semi-desert north. The western region receives a high amount of rainfall due because of Lake Victoria and Mt. Elgon.

7. Spain

Positioned on the Iberian Peninsula which it shares with Portugal, Spain enjoys a mild west Mediterranean climate which is also somehow diverse. In the north of the country, the climate is temperate while in the southern part it is hot and dry. Most tourists streak in during the humid summer months of April to October but the hottest months are July and August. In addition to the warm weather, Spain also has the third highest number of UNESCO sites that are worthy of visiting while others never want to miss the festival of the running bulls in Pamplona.

8. South Africa

Unlike most of its African counterparts, the Rainbow nation enjoys four distinctive European-like climatic seasons which attract hordes of western visitors. The country enjoys a warm and temperate weather with mild sunshine that makes it ideal for visitors to enjoy an abundance of nature and other outdoor activities. The eastern coastline has a sub-tropical climate while the north-western region is famed for its semi-desert climate but the average countrywide temperatures vary between 25°-30°C. Popular tourist destinations include Kruger NP and the Table mountains.

9. Mexico

Mexico’s location between the seas of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean gives it a unique warm weather is in addition to the extensive coastline, historical treasures, and the dense interior jungles. Mexico’s climate varies from the Mediterranean weather in the Baja peninsula, semi-arid in the interior and the tropical desert climate in the areas around La Paz and Cabo. The hottest month is May but January is the coldest. Activities to enjoy include scuba diving, hiking, snorkeling and sightseeing in the ancient ruins. And the top destinations include Acapulco, Cancun, and Mazatlán.

10. Portugal

Found on the Iberian peninsula just like Spain, its southern region also enjoys a warm west Mediterranean climate and whose average temperature is about 15°C. Some parts of the country experience 12 hours of sunlight each day while during the spring and summer seasons, temperatures can reach an average 35°C, especially in the interior. There are more rains in both the autumn and winter seasons with fewer sunny days. Popular destinations include the resort city of Algarve, Lisbon, and Madeira.

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