C’mon, ‘let’s summer’ in Tenerife!

From as high as Mount Teide peaks to as low as the Masca valley, Tenerife’s beauty keeps its visitors craving for more adventures. Precisely, Tenerife is every holidaymaker’s paradise far away from the jammed tourist spots around Europe and elsewhere…

Seaside cliffs at Los Gigantes. (Photo by Allen Johnson Roberts)

You’ve probably vacationed in almost every popular tourist destination around the world but still, you’re yearning for more. Apart from a few British travelers who frequent Tenerife, most tourists from other countries haven’t been convinced about the uniqueness of this romantic island.

Just for a start, Tenerife is part of the Spanish Canaries off the western coast of Africa. Apart from the holidaying activities you’re about to read, this island is notable for its colorful Carnaval de Santa Cruz, plus being the home to some of the most impressive beaches and resorts in Europe. These are the major five activities to help you make the most out of your holiday on Tenerife island…

Exploring Tenerife’s spectacular landscapes with a cable car ride.

Mount Teide. (Photo by Allen Johnson-Roberts)

The mountainous landscape of Tenerife makes it ideal for cable car riding, especially on Mount Teide. The mountain is Spain’s highest volcano and having a cable car riding experience will let you explore dozens of spectacular geological features around the mount. On a clear day, you can see the craters, lava flow routes, gorges, and remarkable valleys. Cable car riding also lets you enjoy the views of the surrounding islands of Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, the north of Tenerife, Monte La Esperanza, and many others.

Other spectacular views you can’t dare miss while riding on Mount Teide cable car include the southern part of Tenerife where you can spot several calderas like the Las Cañadas del Teide, Pico Viejo crater, and Mount Guajara. The best time to enjoy these amazing views is during sunrise or sunset in the Spring season. This will create a superb phenomenon that will leave you not only impressed but also give you colorful lasting memories.

Spending the gorgeous nights while stargazing

milky-way-rocks-night-landscape.jpgIn the whole world, Tenerife is recommended as the best place to enjoy nightly stargazing due to its precise location and the conducive climate. This climate, especially in the warm summer months, allows stargazers to observe the Milky Way galaxy, the Summer Triangle, the 88 constellations, and other notable astrological features. The best viewing points are high, up in the tallest peaks, far away from the glaring lights of cities. This offers stargazers a perfect opportunity not to miss the best astronomical views.

You may not know but Mount Teide’s Observatorio del Teide was the prime location for the shooting of the movie Planet of Apes due to the area’s moonlike resemblance. Besides, tourists can also enjoy meteor showers that occur every month. There’s the Geminid, the Quadrantids, and the Perseids meteors. To assure you of the authenticity of these facts, recently the Mount Teide area was recognized by the Starlight Foundation as the Top Starlight Tourist destination for stargazers.

Trying out the mountain biking experience

mountain-bike-175215_1280.jpgTo many enthusiastic mountain bikers, Tenerife is their paradise due to the suitable landscape of several biking trails that offer difficulty levels suitable for bikers of all ages. There are options for you to take on the easy single trails or the more advanced difficult trails for expert bikers. One of the most scenic biking trails in Tenerife is found in the 1000m Anaga mountains with its 25km rocky trail that lets you have fantastic views of the distant expanses including the striking blue ocean.

You can also bike in the Esperanza forest which is near La Laguna and is regarded as having the most beautiful woodlands on this island. Its tracks are well navigable, inclusive to all, and require less efforts. Similarly, the La Orotava valley has a biking trail of 26km and you can bike up to 560m through heavily forested trails but upon reaching the top, you’ll be pleased with the spectacular views of Puerto de la Cruz and the whole valley below. For a better experience, you can also try the 20km Vilaflor trail that takes you up to 540m where you can see as far as the Corona forest and the eastern Tenerife from this summit.

Discovering a lot more through sightseeing

canary-islands-1575395_1280.jpgIf you aren’t so much into energetic adventuring, you can do sightseeing in a number of remote places in and around Tenerife. On a clear sunny day, you can adventure into the less accessible but very interesting points of this island while on a 4WD Safari Jeep tour. These places include the deep canyons, valleys, and the forestlands. You can also visit Teide national park through a tour operator.

Other sightseeing options include horse riding in the midst of huge plantations, forests, and jungles. You can also enjoy sightseeing most areas of Tenerife from above. There are tour operators who can offer you at least 30 minutes of helicopter tours to many remote areas such as the lava flow areas, the Masca valley, the nearby canyons, mountain peaks and the majestic seaside cliffs.

You may opt to enjoy seeing the sights through paragliding where you’re offered incredible bird’s eye views of the island from more than 2000m above. This is common in the northern areas such as Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz, and La Orotava. Visitors can also enjoy parasailing specifically in the coastal towns of Puerto Colón and Los Gigantes.

Love to watch the playful whales & dolphins?

spain-884662_1280A vacation in Tenerife can’t be complete minus observing the whales and dolphins ‘do their thing’ in the wavy ocean waters. Tenerife’s clear waters offer the best watching trips for both whales and dolphins than anywhere else. These trips are very popular in Adeje, Playa de las Americas and Puerto de Santiago. They typically last between 3-4 hours which is really enough for you and your family to spot some rare dolphin and whale species.

The commonly sighted dolphins include the bottlenose, striped, Frasers and Risso dolphins. Regular whales include the pilot and sperm whales. Some of these are native while others are just migratory especially the minke, killer, fin and blue whales. Except in the winter season, you can see all these beautiful sea creatures at almost any time. These trips offer you a lifetime experience with the amphibian natural life as you learn about them while observing their behavior, i.e. their high jumps, spyhopping, water shooting or lobtailing.

beach-406441_1920However much you’re excited after reading this, adventuring in Tenerife is much more than mountain biking, sightseeing, whale & dolphin watching, star gazing or cable car riding. Tenerife also offers you some of the most breathtaking hikes in the world especially in the Masca valley and canyon, and the underwater scuba diving to enjoy colorful aquatic life particularly in Los Gigantes and Las Galletas.

You also have the offer to enjoy the best snorkeling experience in the rocky reefs of El Puertito, Playa del Duque, and Playa de las Arenas. Besides all that, you can go camping up in the mountains or on a beach, surfing among the coastal waves, and relaxing at some of the world’s most spectacular pearl white sand beaches in Playa Jardín, Playa del Duque, and Playa de Troya which are all suitable for visiting families. – Partial contribution by Allen Johnson Roberts.

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