The Premature Wedlock…

A thoughtful poem to highlight the gloomy side of early marriages that enslave tenderly young girls given away by their uncaring parents to greedy and selfish men, several years their seniors…

A & D
Here we come!
We’ve had enough
For we won’t spare nor care
Whether in blackness or darkness,
It’s finally our turn.

B & C
Awe! It’s been too much,
We’ll never scramble nor tremble,
We won’t mind ur status
Whether you’re from Columbia or Gambia,
This is Zambia, our land.

Aa-attention! Aa-attention!
Lend me your ears, please
Should we persecute before we educate and dedicate?

Today you’ll perceive and believe,
Action and measures you’ll receive and later achieve,
But never shall you deceive.
The dead dog has finally bitten!

A & B
We’ve been marginalized,
Discriminated and,
Suppressed but we’ll
Never, ever keep quiet!

C & D
Only if we rubbed the fur
In the opposite direction,
Turn the cat the other way around.
With an awakening force,
To bring about the needed change.

Forward we move,
Each day we conquer and improve,
This you approve, boys of power,
Girls of glory, women of twilight,
Of thunder with a powerful piece entitled;

If you had some time,
To interview Adam
The first man in the Garden of Eden,
Of how boring life was before queen Eve,
You’d surely visualize,
Analyze and realize how important a woman is.
And to marry a woman, not a girl.

Why? Today’s society doesn’t value girls
Who end up as the main victims.
Yes! Majestically they walk,
But they’re abused and fail to talk,
They live in endless fear,
Shattered dreams, aggrieved hearts,
Worse of all, they slumber in slums.

B. [Girl]
What a society, what a pity!
Why should we be portrayed as subjects of violence
Greed, materialism, immorality?
Should we become victims of gender equality,
Early marriages, and sexual violence?

But always remember…
I’m a mother to this nation,
Without me, generations cannot and
Will never continue to come.

D. [Girl]
Count the blessings I deliver to this society,
To this great country, the continent,
Count the chores I perform,
Imagine all the nation’s beauty I portray
GO ON count it all.

It’s only me in this society
Capable of driving you to greater heights.
Never push me into marriage, but instead…
Support my education
And I’ll surely bless your future.

Marriage is well-respected institution founded by God where a man and a woman forsake their parents’ abodes. Upon approval, the two become husband and wife. Now, can some learned brains compare the meaning of this statement to what’s taking place in today’s money-greed generation!

This world of late,
The way things are happening
Just keeps on amazing me!
Normal is the world, right?
And normal is man’s behavior,
Is that so?

Does it make sense?
For a fully grown-up man
To be lustful of tenderly young girls
Dropping his trousers for a 12-year old girl
Who knows nothing about sex…

A & D

Early marriages have always been a societal problem
It’s a serious problem which should end forever
It concerns everybody
So, speak out and fear nobody
Be the voice for the voiceless

But do parents of these days use their stomachs to think?
Why on earth would a normal thinking parent push a child into unprepared marriage?
Young girls need not materialism, forced sex, marriages, and oppression
Give them education, proper counseling and a decent upbringing.

B & A

During the medieval ages,
Girls were subjects of barter trade,
Used as collaterals to negotiate quick capital
They’re exchanged for short-term gains
Such pretty creatures, innocent they are
And guiltless they’ll forever be.

Together, let’s confront the causes…

  • Parents’ greediness
  • Poverty and ignorance
  • Absence of role models
  • Primitive backwardness

The body may be enough
To swallow all that stuff
But let’s also consider
The long-term psychological effects
The stress and their tender age of immaturity

The songs, ululations are made
But these are for just a day
Then pains of sorrow and desperation
Bites hard inside them

As a nation that prides itself in its offspring,
Receive not a man’s evil orientations
He’s an artist of destruction
Destroying God’s beautiful works of creation
Man is full of contradictions and verbal intimidation.
He pursues physical altercation to get his way

Like the conductors in bus station
No misconception
A pain like during constipation
Only mercy will render us reconciliation
But for those in early marriages,
We give a caution.

Young girls in unprepared marriages suffer a lot
Always at the thin mercy of their older partners
Beaten by husbands like a sack of potatoes
Their men displaying an utter disregard for the poor souls’ lives
Taking them for granted b’se they don’t know true love.

Imagine a teenage girl with three or more kids
Herself looking like a 60-year-old woman
Bearing body marks of bruises, kicks and regular beatings
They need our concern and urgent rescue.

In a world of strain
From nation to nation
Spain to Britain
Running away from slain
Nothing we gain
So great is our pain
And I don’t need to explain
This is a big campaign
For together will never complain.


Bruised and brushed
Rushed and crushed
Flushed and squashed
For a spell, I cast
Your reactions and actions be fast!

Compiled by Gabriel Lungu & edited by Eric Wagobera Jnr


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