Resolve to make your typical day a productive one…

Have you ever arisen in the morning and pondered over how to make your day worth? Many of us face this unnerving daily scenario especially if we didn’t make prior planning. Take an example, it’s a weekend and you’re not going to work or school but you’re thinking of how to make it a worthy one. Well, these measures can be helpful…

Learn something new

Don’t pretend that there’s nothing new for you to grasp. Sometimes our day is made memorable when we are either startled, delighted, inspired or just bewildered! But isn’t it fulfilling if what you’ve just learned is something noteworthy in your life and that of others? As for myself, before I get out of bed in the morning, I make sure that I know what happened while I was asleep, I check news sites and social groups to find out if there’s anything new, and if it’s something worthy, I share it with others. Perhaps it could turn around someone’s life, you can help make their day complete. It’s not only about reading, but also practicing an activity you’ve always desired to try and this would ensure that you never waste any token of your precious time.

Reach out to others

There’s no assurance that you can solely make your day productive. It is well known that ‘one by one makes a bundle’, so to make your typical day a productive one, be sure to engage with as many people as you can. It doesn’t matter whether you’re known to them or not. At times my friends take days to respond me but this doesn’t halt my craving to engage people, I talk to strangers and find out what’s exceptional about them. If you think there’s nothing new to talk about, then try asking people what’s new with them and then the day’s topic will be about that. Modern communication has enhanced our ability to reach out to others beyond the lingual and geological margins.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Did you know that being unhealthy can make your day unproductive? When we fall sick due to an infection, our days are rendered useless and we become unable to use our skills to achieve something worthy. To avoid this, we should learn better health lifestyles and achieve them. It doesn’t cost a penny to do this as the required resources are within us – the knowledge of what to do and the ability to do them. Eat healthily, keep your body active through regular movements, practice good personal hygiene and ensure that your immediate environment is conducive to your own wellbeing. Having a good health clears your mind to think positively, it frees your body to act unhindered and above all, it gives you total control over your life.

Plan for the next day

Don’t go by the axiom that ‘tomorrow’s things belong to tomorrow’. Since tomorrow is defined by what you do today, so today you must determine how tomorrow should be. Planning is an essential virtue that unclogs anything that stands in our way as it enables us to be in ultimate control of the day. Never let anything determine how your next day should be since you have the instinctive resources to do this. Before sleeping, be sure to set the next day’s procedures and strictly attach time frames to each activity. Adhering to this will calm down your mind and a give you a sound sleep as you’ll wake up poised for how your day is gonna be!

Do one thing at a time

This is something I always endear myself to! Because we plan a lot for the day, something urgent might pop up and it may require our immediate attention. To me, it doesn’t matter how significant it may be, nothing can ever distract me from finishing one thing first and then taking on the next. Contrarily, my life will become jammed! If I have planned well for my day and attached strict time frames to each activity, no matter what happens unexpectedly, the day must end as planned. This way of life will not only help you to achieve your day’s plans but will also style you into a principled person.

Doing things within their stipulated time always makes my day a productive one and in case something unpredicted pops up, I must delegate it to the next available time. Though I am very good at multitasking, I don’t ever try tending to more than one thing at ago. Since there’s always time for everything, my principle is that first things always first, so should yours.

It may be easy to resolve to do all these measures to make your day fruitful but it’s never simple to put them in practice. Many of us run crazy in the day b’se we have no control over what’s taking place but deciding to follow the above steps will give you total control of your life. Don’t be idle if there’s nothing to keep you busy instead, do something to keep yourself occupied, you’ll never know until something you’re diligent at sparks lasting positivity in your life.

Have a productive weekend…

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