Be inspired to succeed in life…

One day under the shade of a Mvule tree, I pondered over my life ahead. Through a deep reflection, I realized that I needed three things to become successful. A positive attitude to keep my hopes alive, a decent education for life survival skills, and a good health for physical ability to accomplish my goals. This can be more true of you if you also apply these easy steps:

Always do what’s right

No matter your faith, it’s prudent that you strive to do what is appropriate in a general perspective. It’s our natural call to do what’s always good for yourself and others. Practicing what’s right for humankind is everyone’s duty without seeking authorization to do so. We can’t be successful if we willfully refuse to assist others in need bearing in mind the karma principle. Salten your words to be encouraging or practice acts of good deeds. Truly successful people don’t greedily build themselves, but they nourish up others selflessly.

Preserve a positive mind

Whatever we do or say, it’s the mind that urges us implying that to attain a prosperous life, we must keep our minds healthy. By so doing, we’ll be able to persist even when life gets rough. A positive mind gives us the strength to endure life storms, it keeps a firm hold of our hopes and above all, it keeps us focused on our goals. Countless times, I’ve fallen down in the race of life but since I’m always optimistic, I resolve to rise up fast and carry on the great run of life. It’s my positive mind that comforts me and gives me the vigor to return stronger. Don’t let negativity derail your efforts, keep all the cynical people, sad memories and circumstances at bay and you’ll then have more space in your mind for complete positivity.

Don’t focus on competing with anyone

The nature of today’s world has fooled us into perceiving life as a competition but this is utterly false. You don’t need to compete with anyone for anything b’se life is free and you’re at liberty to determine how you should live it. Discover yourself and do whatever you want, find what you’re absolutely good at and definitely do it. Focusing on competing with others will only keep you frustrated since you’ll likely be overwhelmed countlessly due to the stiff rivalry. Set your personal schedule to do things your own way and within your own time, it doesn’t matter whether you’re slow, so long as you keep walking – but on the positive side of life.

Maintain a small but manageable social circle

Sometimes we’re distracted from the race of life b’se of the people we associate with. To be successful, you shouldn’t invite everyone aboard but just the right ones. Wrong people can delay us in the race while the right ones can speed us up. Only allow in those with characters that are essential for building you up and not tearing you apart. Having positive people aboard gets you motivated and also renders you timely assistance if you get stuck. I have observed people with thousands of friends but this hasn’t fulfilled their life needs. You can’t maintain constant personal communication with such a large number of people, after all, true friendships are all about constant communication! I maintain a controllable list of good friends who are not more than 50 and I happily interact with each of them on a regular basis. Plus, you don’t need to go public, just keep a private but meaningful life.

Cherish your modest beginnings

You don’t need to be rich to become successful in life. Always start simple and you’ll finish high b’se by starting at a moderate point, you’ll learn a lot about hard work and value everything you achieve. This teaches you never to take every chance that crosses by for granted. Humble beginnings help you to cherish life and keep pushing forward to attain your goals. You don’t have to steal or win a lot of money for you to start off at a higher point in life b’se doing so will only make you ignorant of the reality in earning success through hard work. After all, life’s happiness doesn’t come from having everything but from realizing that you never had any but so far you’ve achieved something.

Think lastingly, not momentarily

The greedy nature of humanity has constantly blinded us into savoring everything that comes into our possession. Today you have some money and next week it’ll be gone, but where? The truth is that since today’s life is really hard, we must be cautious of how we spend our hard earnings. Many after getting some cash, they rush to gambling, prostitution, alcohol, luxurious items, etc. This they do without taking a second thought as to how tomorrow shall be. Things like quality education, a house/land, entrepreneurship, improving your health and caring for those in need are the true-life investments.

Today’s competitive world is making it more challenging to attain success b’se of the unwholesome tendencies – both intrinsic and extrinsic. But each one of us has the needed resources – the consciousness and the physical strength – to do what is required to achieve success. It is within ourselves to spark a positive ignition and show seriousness in our life’s aspirations. Don’t wait for opportunities to pass by, instead, go and pursue them and when you find one, treasure it as if it’s your last one!

Have a positive life ahead…

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