Precious life lessons from Jesus’s resurrection… 

Greetings people and it’s the Easter season! This year’s Easter comes late than last year’s but what matters most is that it finds us alive and kicking!!

As a devout Christian, I’m always inspired by the events surrounding Jesus’s resurrection from death and I endeavor to learn a lot from what transpired before and after. When God sent his only son to suffer for our release from the bondage of sin, he did so with great love for humankind, his cherished creation (John 3:16). As Christians, we’re bound to reciprocate this love to our fellow humans. Sadly, as the world’s turmoils turn uglier with each passing day, the majority of us are turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to what is required to save humanity from God’s wrath.

Jesus’s rising from death is of great importance to Christianity because it signifies the victory of our faith over evilness. When Jesus gave up himself for crucifixion, he did so not to gain prominence or sympathy like many of us do today but rather he did so to rescue humankind from the slavery of sin and his generous actions set for us a simple standard for gaining eternal salvation. We no longer have to offer animal sacrifices like the pre-Christ Israelites did but we just have to confess our sins and gain forgiveness from God through Jesus Christ.

There’s one lovely Christian song I always enjoy to listen – Victory Belongs to Jesus by Todd Dulaney. It reminds me of the significance of Jesus’s resurrection in my spiritual life and that whatever I achieve, it’s not my personal success but all the victory belongs to him who sacrificed himself so that I can easily gain salvation. When Jesus shocked his enemies by rising on the third day, it became clear that VICTORY BELONGS TO HIM and it was an ultimate defeat to evilness led by its master Satan.

How do these Easter events apply to us today? Well, we always struggle with difficulties in our lives similar to what Jesus went through. Evil people might launch horrible attacks on us for different reasons and at first, they overwhelm us and seem to be winning but as we persevere in daily prayers, on the ‘third day’ we rise up stronger from the fangs of evilness to proclaim defeat over our enemies just like Jesus did.

If we closely follow the events leading up to Jesus’s rising, at first it seems that Satan was winning but shortly, this evil master was dealt a huge blow when Jesus arose from death. Jesus’s victory should inspire us in many ways. First that we should always be ready to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of Christianity by having pity on our spiritual brothers and sisters. This should move us to help them out of their predicaments like Christ did when he left heavenly life to come and rescue us from being slaves to sin.

Secondly, we should endeavor to teach to our fellow humans and try to win their hearts so that they seek the eternal salvation of Christ. When we notice someone sinning, we should correct them and explain to them the right ways through the good news of our grand teacher Jesus Christ. We should be the agents of change to bring the good news of hope to the despairing ones and help them to understand and appreciate the truth about Christianity.

Thirdly, when Jesus stepped in to be mistreated and finally crucified, he set for us a loving example of living a selfless life. By allowing himself to be whipped, spat upon, mocked, falsely accused and finally being put to death shows us to what extent Christians should go in fighting for their faith. We should be willing to go through pain and humiliation to withstand the tribulations of life and hold onto our resolute faith towards our God. This isn’t easy but like Jesus did, we can always call onto our God to provide us the strength and zeal to endure all trials.

Fourthly, Jesus’s rising from the dead should inspire us to look ahead to victory in all our spiritual endeavors and never be quick to give up. It wasn’t his personal victory but rather a victory for all Christians. He set an example for all of us to follow in his footsteps and like him, we should battle and conquer evilness without fear but with the commitment towards serving the living God.

In our daily lives, let’s always remember that Christ battled evilness until he conquered it. We face trials similar to those Christ went through but his determination should inspire us to keep on fighting until we also ‘rise up from the dead’.

As we celebrate this Easter, let’s reflect deeply on the purpose of Christ’s eternal gift of salvation and check ourselves if we’re in a straight path to proclaim similar victories in our lives. This holiday presents us with a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude to the Lord for the ransom he paid for us to be released from sin and to also make commitments to stand by the truth and live with it no matter what.

From what you’ve read today, ask yourself: Am I ready to give up all the comforts of life for the sake of helping fellow humankind? What opportunities are available around me to actualize the commitments I make? Do I understand the meaning of Christ’s message when he accepted to suffer on my behalf? Am I ready to proclaim victory over evil on the ‘third day’? How can I apply Christ’s exemplary teaching actions concerning his death and rise, in my life?

These and many other questions will help us to meditate deeply upon the meaning of the Easter season to us. It’s not a time to sit back and relieve ourselves from work or studies but rather a critical moment for all Christians to explore the new strategies to help others resurrect from the deadness of the sin. If we all dedicate to follow in Christ’s footsteps, we’ll not only pave a straight way to eternal life but it’ll be an indication that we truly cherish Christ’s unconditional love for us.

Happy Holidays…

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