My aspirations are credible…

Contemporary life is all about thinking deeply and pushing harder but my inspiration is from a very beautiful song – my favorite called “I have a dream” by the boy band Westlife. A few lines from the song like “I have a dream…to help me cope with anything. You can take the future even if you fail…when I know the time is right for me, I’ll cross the stream – I have a dream”. Another moving line goes “I have a dream…to help me through reality, and my destination makes it worthwhile to push through the darkness.”

Which dreams?

Dreams, as portrayed in the first section, are not the sensations that appear to us while we’re asleep, but am talking about those real-life moments when everything we’re hoping for finally gets achieved. I have always been a whimsical dreamer who not only has been exceptional in keeping those hopes alive but also a strategist who’s proud of his proved ability to fulfill most valid aspirations. But how are my dreams valid? The term valid implies anything that has a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent. I have both principal and trivial dreams – the former being very important and the latter being insignificant but all of them whether big or small are consistent, well-founded, of good sound and quite reasonable according to the present system of things, the elusive reason being that I don’t want to sound too opportunistic or unnerving.

Origins of my dreams

Ideas for my dreams come from my regular encounters with the common world – talking with people, observing activities from nature, and recognizing human behavior. I also read literature, listen to music – tons of ideas both good and bad enter my mind and these are later at the end of the day carefully analyzed bit by bit and refined by my ingenious brain. My strict mind-filter weighs the ideas against my personal virtues and phases out the dirty ideas while retaining the clean ones for the prospect of a further review that will help me to process them into worthy hopes for future action.

In this tricky and desperate world, humans are too vulnerable to adopt everything that enters their minds and that is why it is well said that mankind is losing its moral virtues quite faster than ever before. Allowing ourselves to become slaves of selfishness and quick gains has turned us into absurd creatures without dignity for self-respect and for others. Such circumstances have made life hard and since each of us thinks only for themselves and nowadays when individual interests collide b’se they’re incompatible what results are collisions. As for myself, I ensure that I devote my time to things that matter most and are fit for building me up, so it’s from these wholesome things that I derive my life dreams.

silhouette-683751 (2)
My principal dream is to live a healthy lifestyle.

My dreams

The aspirations I hold dear might not be distinct from yours and in fact, they’re just for the goodness of myself and the whole humanity at large. I dream to be healthy, educated, financially stable, with sociable behavior and character, of sound judgment, with a loving family and to have the resources to uplift the lives of others. Such goals attest that I am not a self-centered soul though according to the current trends, I should first fulfill my personal dreams before I stretch up to reach out to others since I’ll first need the strength and knowledge (resources) to do the best for others too.

Expounding my aspirations

Yes, my dreams – in their entirety are not unique but breaking them down will reveal to you how different they are. None of them are timed meaning that I can jump onto any at the very first opportunity so I where I can, I work on a goal bit by bit so that at the end, the whole picture is crisply obvious. My first dream is being healthy at all times but this doesn’t mean that I should be delicate for now just b’se its ‘something I’ll achieve in the future’. Every day, I make sure that I have sufficient water for bathing, cleaning, and washing but I also ensure that I have the right items in improved facilities to confirm that I and my environment remain healthy at all times!

It’s my dream to be well-educated.

Dreaming of being well-educated is something that I’m already into b’se I regularly endeavor to learn something new from the resources that are accessible to me. I never ignore an opportunity to open up the mind and expose myself to distinctly interesting things and in fact, I am academically progressing with my Masters degree. Am also working hard on being financially stable by strengthening up the financial reserves through dedicated savings, sharpening my workable skills for income-generating activities, etc.

Having sociable behavior and being of gentle character is something that many others have noticed in me despite being at a risky youthful life transition but I’ve stuck to what’s right while shunning whatever is wrong. I’ve evaded alcoholism, smoking, sexual inappropriateness, loose banter, stealing, gambling, etc. Sticking to my personal and spiritual virtues has considerably taught me to walk in righteousness which is on the side of enlightenment while avoiding concealment. So in my life, I have nothing to hide, nor do I have skeletons in the closet, am simple-minded and clean. It’s quite understandable that despite the wickedness around me I never backtrack but instead, I’ve always remained true to my faith and loyal to the goodness in me.

My dream of having sound judgment is meant to protect me from people’s wrath of anger and avoid unfortunate situations that may result from the improper judgment or unfair perceptions about people or communities. This is why I never stereotype anyone or any group because I believe that not only is it untrue but it also deeply troubles the victims. I am a caring and a listening person who before speaking first listens then accord a wholesome discernment of the situation at hand. Where something is irrelevant I simply avoid it b’se it’s not needed and wouldn’t add any benefit whatsoever.

It’s my dream to be financially stable.

I dream of having a loving family which I believe is necessary to keep solitude at bay and also share my gift of love with someone I can truly trust. This is one dream that I may not be working on forthwith b’se I am not ready to have a family and neither do I have the time for that yet. Lastly, uplifting the lives of others in one way or another has always been a central idea in my mind. I always help others based on a substantial need for helping and only when I can afford to render the help – monetary, physically and intellectually.

The significance of my dreams

Are all my dreams so important? Yes, each one of them has a value attached which suits it to be a valid one. I need to be healthy for a longer life and to remain a serviceable individual towards others while I need to be well-educated so as to be consciously informed of the environment around me and to apply needed solutions to personal and societal challenges. I also need to be financially resolute to meet all the costs of living (needs of life) – to be able to eat and drink, adventure, leisure, and helping others too! I need to be of sociable behavior exercising sound judgment because that is the appropriate thing to do and that today’s humanity is short-tempered and quick to anger so I must be open-minded in all circumstances while avoiding unsubstantiated claims.

A loving family is needed for the purposes of bondage and spreading the natural gift of love but this won’t happen before the fulfillment of the above primary goals. A family in my regard is not significantly in conventional spheres but can be a loving union according to the changing trends of the contemporary world. Then, I need to help others too because I am caring and kind – the humane virtues that inspire my desire to commit to positive change and to see everyone happy and contented.

It’s my dream to have a loving family.

My aspirations, for you too!

In whatever I do towards fulfilling the above dreams, I do it for the purpose of fulfilling the purpose of life and living by its essence. Because I am not egotistical, I embrace others in my plans and actions meaning that all my dreams take a comprehensive pattern to ensure that while in their pursuit, I harm no one. Where necessary, I pursue my dreams singlehandedly but when I fail, I wholeheartedly reach out to others for their help in this pursuit. Sometimes others do reach out to me for help in the pursuit of their dreams and I never hesitate when I have what they need which of course makes me delighted to see them satisfied.

I believe that the pursuance of my own dreams will never end until death because life is a journey until demise. I’ll never stop my desire to be healthy, to be knowledgeable, to be financially stable, to have good manners, to be and feel loved and to assist others. I believe that none of us can singlehandedly pursue and fulfill their own dreams but we all act in unison and somewhere in the race our beloved ones who have genuine concern help us along the way to make the struggle a little bit easier. There’s no right time to set or start chasing a dream but working hard to locate opportunities to get us to our dreams is essential. Remember that even if you fail, you can learn, arise and keep the pursuit ALIVE!

PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek_HelpingHand_Shutterstock_0
It’s my dream to be able to help others.

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  1. Benjamin Nargetey Oyinka says:

    “I believe that the pursuance of my own dreams will never end until death because life is a journey until demise”……. Very Right Eric.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric says:

      Thank you, biological brother, Benjamin 🙂


  2. Maxwell Maxenophile says:

    Your articles my bro are always inspiring and are based in what is best the living and as well as being focused in life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eric says:

      I truly appreciate, my twin brother!


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