Here’s why shared accommodation is the best option…

There’s no doubt that moving abroad can be a demanding task especially if you have to take along your household items. I have observed many people shipping their pans, rugs, fridges, ovens, cutlery, TV sets, home theater, tables, mattresses, among others. But is this really necessary? I would say no based on the reasons I’m giving in this article.

We need to weigh the different housing options available while bearing in mind the economic crisis to determine what we can afford and what we can’t. Working or studying abroad isn’t an express ticket to live larger than life at the expense of your purchasing power. Here’s why shared housing is the better option.

Shared housing is cheaper

Since all living expenses are equally shared between the occupants, it’s cost-effective to rent a shared house. Monthly bills such as water, cable TV, electricity, internet, security, and garbage collection are partitioned in half as each of you pays half the bill. Just imagine if you were living alone and had to pay all bills singlehandedly? Under normal circumstances, these bills aren’t much different from those incurred by those living alone and since you’re billed monthly, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a shared or non-shared house, they’re always are the same but paying them unassisted pains most.

You’ll find all household items there

Like I said at the onset, many people spend a lot of money to ship their household items to their new residence abroad which I find quite absurd. Most of them work and study abroad for a very short time, usually a couple of years so it’s irrelevant to pack up all household items and ship them abroad since most shared housing are self-contained and fitted with all the needed household items like furniture, entertainment sets, kitchenry, beddings, etc. This also saves you from the unprepared expenses of buying new stuff after you’ve moved in which you’ll have to discard off or sell cheaply at the end of your tenure.

Assured companionship

Unlike living alone, shared housing can be a remedy to the boredom and loneliness that many lone expats endure while thousands of miles away from home. Your house or roommate can be there in both difficult and pleasant times, to comfort you, offer needed guidance or advice, suggest exceptional places to hang out or get something, accompany you somewhere, always checking on you, assisting with housework or fixing something that you can’t do alone, etc. There’s no doubt that anyone living alone can never enjoy such friendship and the benefits they bring along.

Enhanced personal safety

Having a housemate can help relieve you of the stress that comes with worrying about both your personal and house safety. A housemate can help to fight off burglars, rapists, conmen, etc. The personal confidence of an assured protection and feeling safe is only enjoyed by those sharing a house or room with others whom they can trust to be the first-responders to the rescue. It’s said that united we stand to fight and win the battles so you can confidently go to work or return to your home country for a vacation without worrying about the personal stuff you left in your house.

A helping hand when you’re down

The risks of living alone can be worse when you’re broke and have no helping hand to redeem you out of the mess. Suppose that it’s the middle of the month and you have no money to run the errands, you’re starving, no electricity, gas or running water, no transport to and from work, etc. How do you think you can get yourself out of this mayhem without borrowing, but hey, from whom would you even borrow the money? In life, there’s no confidant as reliable as a house or roommate because they know you in and out and can quickly understand your situation without much convincing. When you have no food, drinks, soap and transport money, they’ll gladly share theirs with you and yes, that’s the advantage of living in a shared house.

And finally, your best friend!

Yes, you can’t have a better friend than the person who lives under the same roof like you b’se they know almost everything about you – how you feed and how you sleep. They understand your emotions and handle you accordingly, they’re the first persons you’d share with the good or sad news and they’ll celebrate or grieve with you. Nevertheless, they’re just a simple shoulder’s tap away for you to express yourself and speak your heart out. They’re the sort of people you’d draw close to your heart, do crazy stuff together without fear for emotional and physical consequences. All this would just be a fantasy if you’re living a lonely life in a foreign land…

I recommend everyone moving abroad to consider the shared housing option due to the benefits mentioned above. You never know when that critical time calls for a confidant in whom you can freely express yourself without hesitation. House or roommates are assured brothers’ keepers in times of need while in a foreign land and you won’t look like a complete stranger. Try it out today…

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