Uganda, I miss you terribly…


Worth reading again and again

Eric Wagobera Jnr

With all my addiction to Ugandan life, I never thought of staying away from my homeland for this long. Despite leaving a few years ago, I am still a very proud Ugandan 100% without ducking. I always honour my flawless familiarity with my people, the environment I grew up in and the things I loved to do, their absence now gives me a pitiful face.

Every night was a safe one

In Uganda, I would walk splendidly on the dark streets and alleys without looking over my shoulder to see if there’s any imminent trouble. I was poised of the security in my homeland b’se we were always non-violent, whether day or night I was satisfied that no trouble would befall me even in the cover of the dark nights. I recall my return from a week-long trip to Kigali and arriving back three hours after midnight. The streets…

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