The relevance of education, now & then…

My concern has on many occasions been drawn to ill-disposed statements by shallow-minded people bent on prioritizing money and material success over knowledge. One of them that raged me was shared in a WhatsApp group of which I am a member. The statement was not only out of the core touch with the primary values of education but also trashes the education sector in its entirety.

The out-of-order statement says “Nursery 3 years, Primary 7 years, Secondary 6 years, University 3 years. U finally get a job of 300k shillings and work for 30 years = 108m shillings. And Neymar is earning 35 million shillings daily. Hence Neymar’s 4 days salary is higher than your lifetime salary. After that, they will say that education is the key. if education is the key, then football is the master key. 😂😂😂”. As an aspiring professional who delights himself in education as the chief stairway to the highest academic heights and succeed in this monetized world, I was not only flustered at such an ignorant statement but also felt backstabbed.

Moreso, the cited statement is likely to weaken the spirits of the current endeavoring students and those to come afterward due to its spiteful nature meant to subvert the will of dedicated academicians. In its whole, it diminishes the role of education in today’s increasingly ignorant society where the money comes first and knowledge comes later. Such reasoning is now producing a phenomenon of a greedy, impatient and materialistic breed of people who are only after quick gains but trashing anything that demands patience, commitment, and hard work such as education.

My response to this statement was plain simple and clear to explain the divisive trend: “personal interests, physical talents and abilities, job skills and amenities, geo-location, and bureaucratic systems were not taken into the count to determine one’s success over others, whether materialistically or academically 🙂”

Education is never about money and profits and in fact, during the early civilization, it was taken so seriously as a humanitarian need essential for learning the world and its contents to better advance human understanding in all spheres of life. I pity those who are studying just for the sake of being materialistically rich and prosperous b’se such personalities have corrupted minds and will never be sincere where their humanitarian spirit is needed most.

Though it’s true that a good education can qualify you for prominent positions in the working sector where one can earn a lot of money as salary, its principal function is to instill an informed, experienced, intelligent, learned, enlightened, conscious, competent, knowledgeable, literate, talented, thoughtful and problem-solving society of humans. Sadly, various literary peers have put the glorious education to a big shame. Talk of politicians who are distinguished by their greedy, corrupt, dogmatic, and their extravagant lifestyles that are out of touch with the realities of mankind.

To benefit from education, we need to first separate education and money so as to have a clear perspective of what we are truly aiming at, either education or money. Many are in education b’se they think they’ll become wealthy afterward and I consider them to be the majority who are in the wrong course of life whereas the right-thinking minority are in education due to diverse humanitarian reasons, hoping to respond to the call to serve humanity without profit. Sadly, education has so much been commercialized whereby earning a degree will cost tens of thousands of dollars and those who can’t afford it are simply left out. The entanglement of education with money is the root cause of shame to the academic sector to the point that people nowadays see no benefit in toiling for academic heights.

For now, you’re either on the commercialized side or academic side of education but you can’t be in both because even without decent education, you still can make a lot of money and become mega-rich. Those who are studying to become useful persons to the world are the real winners in this game whereas those studying to become materially successful are the losers simply b’se they are in education for the wrong reasons. Education doesn’t make you materially rich and successful, but it opens your eyes and ears to make you aware of others and how you can rise as a team to confront and surmount life challenges.

A decent education is capable of producing good leaders (not politicians) who are problem-solving, creative, caring, upright, and committed to human improvement in all its ways. You shouldn’t be in education for purposes of becoming more intelligent than others or to make you super rich b’se that’s not what genuine education is all about no matter your field of learning. We’ve heard many ‘shocking’ cases of people who we thought that they don’t need to be in school like kings, professional footballers, the elderly, etc, opting to go back to class and study b’se they comprehend that acquiring earthly wisdom is the right step.

For my case, I have spent the last 20 years of my life studying different general knowledge topics and I can attest to the fact that I am a problem-solving person, capable of doing what is right and necessary, a reliable person able to lead others into collective human and worldly improvement, etc. Academic learning helps us to share what we know and capable of doing with one another, develop team-working attitudes, and being cognizant of anything around us.

Education is very much important and badly needed particularly in this demoralized world where self is above service. You might have an education but you may not be able to achieve what you had hoped to b’se you made wrong choices concerning what you wanted to study and that’s why there are plenty of professional education therapists to help you make an informed academic choice that will not only help you realize your dreams but also become a right-thinking member of intelligent humans.

For those tossing the commitments made by dedicated academicians through irrelevant and sick comparisons like the statement quoted above, all I can say is that education and material success are completely different aspects of life b’se acquiring one doesn’t automatically lead to the other, and you can have one, not both.

Remember Jesus Christ said in Matthew 6:24 that “No one can serve two masters: Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money”. Simple as that, am not studying to earn lots of money afterward but to become useful to others and to pass on my acquired knowledge to those who might need it. You should know that you can only study for the reasonable human virtues or merely to become materially rich but you cannot claim to be studying for both.

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