My aspirations are credible…

Eric Wagobera Jnr

Contemporary life is all about thinking deeply and pushing harder but my inspiration is from a very beautiful song – my favorite called “I have a dream” by the boy band Westlife. A few lines from the song like “I have a dream…to help me cope with anything. You can take the future even if you fail…when I know the time is right for me, I’ll cross the stream – I have a dream”. Another moving line goes “I have a dream…to help me through reality, and my destination makes it worthwhile to push through the darkness.”

Which dreams?

Dreams, as portrayed in the first section, are not the sensations that appear to us while we’re asleep, but am talking about those real-life moments when everything we’re hoping for finally gets achieved. I have always been a whimsical dreamer who not only has been exceptional in keeping those hopes alive but…

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