Tales of sweet dreams ending abruptly…

Good day, everyone! I just wanted to quickly put this across before I venture off to school commitments. Last night before I fell asleep, I pondered over what I wished to dream about b’se I have always been bitter with the kind of dreams I get these days, so unpleasant! But hopefully, I’ll find some here, who can relate to my dreaming tales.

Well, many times I’ve woken up spotting a sad face and with anguish filling up my spirit b’se of my beautiful dreams being cut short. Have you ever realized that most delightful dreams happen just before you wake up? During the larger part of your sleep, you’re like dreaming nothing but then a few moments before waking up, you start dreaming about something you’ve been so longing for in real life!

They’re the stuff that gives me a bitter start to the day but I may just have to learn how to control my reactions to them afterall I have no control on whatever I should dream about. But what puzzles me is, why do the most glorious dreams appear at daybreak, moments before we wake up? That wouldn’t be a big concern but why do all beautiful dreams end half-way? We all love to dream of ourselves in that fantasyland we’ve been longing to be such as, achieving a goal you’ve always wished or worked hard for but it hurts to suddenly wake up and realize that you missed the better part of that long-sought dream.

If you’ve ever had an accomplishment dream, let’s say, when you’ve been declared a winner of mega lotto or a grand competition then while you’re walking to the podium to receive your accolade, then everything vanishes and you’re up, staring at your ceiling while cursing the hell out of whatever made that dream vanish. Was it intended to tease, embarrass and ridicule you? Sometimes I can’t just help but to laugh at my self-humiliation and then confide in the fact that next time I will even dream better.

One particular night, I was busy dreaming about one of my topmost wishes being accomplished. I was at the airport readying myself to fly out to an unknown destination, perhaps to the USA, lol. Though I can’t recall what my destination was, the idea alone of flying for the first time overexcited me and I was completely bewildered, am even sure I must have been grinning widely on my sleeping face, lol. Well, I can remember that I went through the immigration but just after crossing the boarding gate, my beautiful dream vanished then immediately woke up, and there I was, trying to make sense of what I had just dreamed and trying to force myself to sleep again hoping that I can well catch up with my fantasy personification in the dream.

Imagine that prompt bittersweet moment when you realize that you’re back to the earth, and of course to reality. It really hurts, at least psychologically and the effects can last for ages. The whole day you keep asking yourself, will I ever catch up with my broken dream, or perhaps the spiritual Eric is already enjoying that reverie life in the wonderland, perhaps in Eden! I have had so many other beautiful dreams that ended abruptly but what I do is to always see the positive side of them, it could be that what I dreamed about is a teaser of the big things to come, for sure? I just have to keep working hard to fulfill and catch up with those dreams that always ended abruptly but in real life.

Still, one lesson remains – such beautiful dreams that end abruptly could be an incentive to increase your momentum in the chase for a better life. Like the beautiful dream I said above, I had always wished to fly to a very beautiful and glorious place then one day I dreamed about that perfect moment of fulfillment but out of nowhere, the dream ended. I am confident that such dreams are the icing on the cake, signaling either your impending fortune or that you need to increase your efforts. And yes, am so closer than ever before, to reach all those beautiful dreams that ended abruptly…


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