Myself in the next 20 years: Vision & mission…

A speech given at the Communication & Leadership lecture (M.A Communication) to fellow students at Daystar University …

Since childhood, I have been planning my future as a vital part of my life journey and at this stage of my academic career, I am attentive to my impending aspirations, but I can confidently say that all is set to embark on achieving some of them. In the next 20 years, I am envisioning myself as a career diplomat representing my country as an ambassador working with people from diverse backgrounds to improve intercultural bilateral relations. I believe that through diplomacy, I can bring about the much-needed change in the socio-cultural structure of the world to advance the concept of a global village. My scholarly background in diplomacy has provoked both the unshakable faith and vigor in me to serve my country with the best that I can.

My vision is indicative of the profound desire to contribute towards the positive perception of my country Uganda on the international arena and help to clear the negativities that rim its current political turmoil. Besides, my mission as a career diplomat is to apply my leadership and communication skills to establish close ties with influential personalities and nations in addition to assertively promoting my country as a land gifted by nature, with friendly people, enchanting weather and as a lucrative business and investment destination. There’s no better way to gain personal contentment than dedicating yourself to serve your motherland wholeheartedly.

What am I doing about it now?

To maintain a steady focus on my vision, I am making good use of a vision board that helps me to clarify, and focus on achieving my dream career. On this board, I regularly pin short notes and display illustrative images to epitomize my profound diplomatic ambitions. Having a vision board bolsters my daily affirmations to my mission and it keeps my attention fixated on this outstanding race of my life.

Throughout my career as a diplomat, I intend to serve enthusiastically while contributing towards a positive transformation of my country’s bilateral relations with other nations. I draw inspirations from celebrated career diplomats like Kofi Annan, Henry Kissinger, and Hillary Clinton who all played imperative roles in strengthening global ties through their exceptional diplomatic skills. It is in the same way that I seek to help Uganda achieve a substantial continental influence typical of strong economies like South Africa and Egypt.

As a diplomat, I will have unconstrained access to a number of consular tools at my disposal to bring about a harmonious and a pacified environment to areas where it is much needed specifically within the African Great Lakes region by advocating for peace, togetherness, and rebuild wrecked communities. Being an ardent bookworm, I take time to read books that refine my diplomatic expertise such as Kenneth Waltz’s Man, the State, and War and I discern that by standing on the shoulders of giants, I am on the right track to achieve my vision and to fulfill my mission. After gaining some experience, I will start writing academic literature (books, journals, papers, articles, blogs, etc) while emulating previous authors on international relations.

My heart, soul, spirit, and body

I will align my heart appropriately with my aspirations to treasure my mission by maintaining a positive attitude as I remain devoted and steadfast in attaining it. I will constantly be remindful of my life’s purpose and to understand why I am here – to serve and motivate others through tact statesmanship as my input to a nonviolent coexistence amongst mankind. My soul will always adhere to be the invisible force that incessantly pushes me ahead in my vision’s direction through gaining practical knowledge and work experience.

So long as I am alive by God’s grace through prayerful supplications, my spirit, inner being, and the training of my conscience will always bring forth the ideals in me to reality. My body will always render me the physical prowess to traverse the highs and lows of my calling – diligently serving humanity as a diplomat and like the apostle Paul, I will always ‘keep my eyes focused on the prize’ (Philippians 3:14).

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