Upbeat about my visit to Zimbabwe…

It’s been such a long countdown but the closer I get to the much-awaited date, the more optimistic I am about my forthcoming vacation. I have always yearned to step my foot on Zimbabwean soil b’se this country holds a special place in my heart.

During my high school, the desire to travel to Zimbabwe increased and I couldn’t stop learning more about its people, cultures, geography, and cuisine from the internet. Now that all is set to land in my dream destination, the year 2017 is destined for an exceptional ending, particularly to myself!

The recent political intricacies that surrounded the power shift from Robert Mugabe to Emmerson Mnangagwa had cast a gloomy cloud around this long-anticipated holiday, though I couldn’t comprehend why it happened when am almost getting there. Thank goodness, that transition was peaceful and now all is safe for me to go.

On this christened ‘trip of the year’, I hope to explore in-depth the socio-cultural life of the conventional Zimbabwean people and my keen observations will be centred within its capital Harare. So far, I have ironed out all the fine details with my local guide who’s well versed in typical Zimbabwean lifestyle. For now, everything points to the solid fact that I’ll without a doubt have a fantastic time in the mighty Zimbabwe.

I’ll be sure to gather as much information from my trip as possibly I can b’se I want you to be the next one to go there. Already a generous list of interesting places in and around the country has been lined out for adventure and I am pretty optimistic that my one-month stay in this beautiful country will without a doubt be a great success.

Besides Zimbabwe, I’m also looking forward to visiting a few bordering countries like Malawi, Botswana, and Mozambique. My visit to these countries may depend on the time and other resources as they shall permit but when so done, I’ll have added a couple of countries to the list of African sovereigns I’ve ventured into.

My vision and mission are still substantial and explicit; to step foot in every African country and to a larger extent, to visit every country on the earth. I’ll do the best that I can to achieve this, and step by step I’ll be there! You just have to believe this young spirited soul and watch him accomplish this incredible feat. 🙂

I’ll keep you folks updated, so be on the standby for useful tips, clues, deals, tricks, advice, suggestions, etc starting next week, and of course some high-quality photographs. 2017 has impressively been a good year to me, and yes, I’m looking further ahead with a very wide and striking grin…

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