It’s my intention to be self-employed…

Worldwide, unemployment rates are skyrocketing and there seems to be no imminent interval in this distressing phenomenon. Everywhere, the human population is steadily rising and a considerable percentage of these are young people who are fresh from schools and are teeming with expertise, skills, and knowledge but they simply cannot find salary-generating jobs. This is because the job market is already filled up and each day there are lesser vacancies created, and to make it worse, many companies are laying off their workers in large numbers than never before. To pile more misery on this, prized job-creating mechanisms are controlled by very few greedy politicians and corrupt businessmen.

A deeper reflection on this crisis calls for a contemplative thinking from everyone concerned especially the prospective graduands who hope to make it to the job market. Such hard times need to be confronted with critical thinking skills to ensure the constant survival and sustainability of the soul financially and socially because based on the current economics, money will guarantee you anything you want, including social acceptance b’se nowadays people ‘prefer’ those with enough finances. I haven’t been spared either considering that I have never been formally employed (except for the light voluntary work that ran for a couple of years) and it’s something that I am concerned with when I face future job interrogators, but if they decide to disregard the inadequate work experience and concentrate on my learned skills and ability to handle day to day issues, then they’ll be in for a valuable catch.

At times, I feel that being employed by someone else isn’t a reliable idea b’se it limits individual creativity yet I’ve always convinced myself that I’m more inventive when I do things on my own initiative using my own ideas, skills, and manpower. I have invented a lot of useful stuff on my own due to my curiosity and the inborn passion for various things I am interested in. Starting this blog almost ten years ago was just one way to realize and develop my interest in internet, computers, and writing and this was followed by a Facebook page that’s boosting my works though slowly. My profound exposure to the internet has also heightened my zeal to work for myself and also gave me fresh ideas on how to get closer to my key dream.

Besides, there are a lot of start-ups in the communications field that I came up with (including assisting some friends) but over the time I abandoned them when fresh and interesting ideas sprout. I acknowledge the fact that my life’s contentment won’t ever come from outside of myself but within and I have to combine the extensive knowledge I possess and my physical prowess to come up with distinctive income-generating measures. I have read a lot of motivating, uplifting, and encouraging quotes about never to give up on personal dreams and these have really energized me while at the same time reminding myself that I am on the right course to achieve whatever I have coveted.

The reason why I go to the university for the advanced Communications studies is that I need to learn how to expertly and professionally deal with the diverse publics in the most appropriate way. In addition, academic certificates are on a high demand almost everywhere you go seeking for work deals, either employed or self-employed. The skills and knowledge attained at the university will be a working guide to keep me straight in line by doing things in the right way, i.e. acknowledging the laws, ethics, and codes of conduct or practice of my career profession. I will surely need them even when I am self-employed.

I strongly believe that being self-employed will give me the much-needed flexibility to explore every opportunity that might come along in my career path. I will be able to work within my handy time-frame and physical ability. I will also be comfortable with the fact that I am not making someone else rich but myself from my own drudgeries. Self-employment will also boost the confidence within me, and if I ever happen to fail, at least I won’t play the blame game with others but instead, I will punish myself deservedly, correct myself instantly, and dedicate my all to make things better b’se I keep telling myself that any error will be a waste of any efforts so far made.

Like aforementioned, I am highly self-disciplined, very strict and loyal to myself and my personal virtues, while I also like rewarding myself. All these competencies are necessary for anyone – you and me – seeking self-employment b’se it’s a personal investment and anything less than required will totally bring you down, unlike a business where workers continue with life after its demise.

So while I may be open to any possibilities of being employed by someone else, my primary goal will always be self-employment and never will I ever shift my focus on that. It’s going to be an uphill task, I know and I am aware of the sacrifices needed to reach to the mountaintop but I always remind myself that I have a lot of good opportunities around me to reach wherever my dream is hidden. I have the knowledge, expertise, skills, enthusiasm, intuitiveness, physical strength, good health, competencies, and the principled work ethics. Money might hold me back a bit but I take that only as a challenge which I have to smartly deal with, and not escape away from. So the marathon starts, it’s for a lifetime and I am determined to take it on. All I have to say is; Bring it on, am ready…


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sadah says:

    This is great.


  2. It sounds like you are on the right path toward self employment…from your writing, it seems that you have spent a lot of time thinking through what you need to do…good thoughts…


    1. Eric says:

      Thanks for ur words!


  3. Maxwell says:

    “Life seem not easy ,but you gonna put your own creativity, and gonna turn it up ”
    Like P-Square sung in that song “Bring it on” that’s the inspiration you have my brother and never give up, just turn it up and you will archive that which you have hoped for.
    You definitely have my back kaka in this mission.
    All the best brother


    1. Eric says:

      I truly appreciate you, brother. Ur the best bestest!!


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