Balancing work, relationships, studies and the World Cup…

It is that time of the year again when finances are tight and things aren’t moving as anticipated but instead, more workload is needed to stay overhead. Besides, I have to attend evening classes for my Master’s though I have had the best shots at multitasking the two. It’s been strenuous enough, I might need to catch a long break soon.

While the battle for personal attention between studies and work has raged on for a long time, here came in the long-awaited 2018 FIFA World Cup that is currently taking place in Russia. As a diehard, it’s my obligation to give my ultimate attention to the global football tourney and trim down the time spent as a captive to both work and studies.

In fact, I am working on my thesis which demands a lot of my personal time even on weekends. And despite the workload increasing at my workplace, I had to cunningly devise a strategy that would create a balance between work, studies, and the World Cup. My study time had to reduce – no more night revisions during the World Cup. Still, I have to forego some work-duty assignments that I normally do at home and less interactions with my beloved ones.

I made it a rule to watch at least one match a day out of the daily three tally especially now during the group stages. On weekdays, I only watch night matches that usually start at 21:00EAT (+03 GMT) and this is after I knock off from my evening classes and already at home. For daytime matches that are played during my work and class sessions, I constantly follow them using a sports app on my mobile phone where I follow the action and get alerted on scores by notifications.

On weekends I watch all available matches and no school work is planned for that period. I must admit that it’s been so absurd going through all this. I know some football diehards who would mentally go crazy in case they were to miss any of their favorite teams live in action and would do anything under the sun to be part of the action. A few have already taken a month’s break from both school and work to concentrate on the World Cup and they are already in Russia milling out on the fun.

I am somehow concerned about my academic and workplace performances that might experience a noticeable decline due to the reduced attention but I always seek to assure myself that I have everything under my tight control. The World Cup is here for just a month and it won’t be long until it’s over so that work, relationships, and studies can regain their rightful time in my personal timetable.

Maybe we should petition FIFA to move the World Cup from mid-year to the year-end during the festive holidays, no work or studies going on, and people are busy attending fun-filled events to keep them entertained for hours. Honestly, FIFA has to find a way of having the World Cup take place when the diehard fans don’t have other stuff to pay their attention to and this may probably earn the football governing body more revenues from filled-up stadiums.

For now, kindly say a prayer for me that things don’t go out of my control due to the tight budgeting of my limited time to studies, work, relationships, and now the World Cup. It’s too late to break off from work, relationships, and studies and travel to Russia for the live action but I do my best to catch up with the match highlights and never to miss a favorite moment. And by the way, I am rooting for African representatives and all the other underdogs who are battling the tourney’s big favorites. Go, Africa! Go, underdogs! It’s your time to shine, …and catch them by surprise.


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