My slogan: “Improving every new day!”

Regularly, I reflect on my past life which somehow gives me an uncomfortable moment due to how afflicted I used to be. Whenever I look at my old photos and the kind of environment I used to live in, I loathe at the past me while not believing that it was myself in that kind of situation. This makes me feel a bit embarrassed and ashamed of who I used to be but then become thankful as well that I am not who I used to be.

Such life reflections have repeatedly inspired me to become a better person each new day. I believe that every fresh dawn brings with it new opportunities to add something meaningful to my life. My resolution has always been that if a day ends without adding anything new to my precious life, then that has been a spoilt day in my life, simply meaningless! Even if there seems to be no chance, I try to create needed possibilities of something to happen which I then turn into something productive to avoid laying my day to waste.

All throughout, I have taken a firm hold of the less seen normal life chances to try and create something new. The ever-improving technology, my intellect mentality, the available academic content, and the amazing people I relate with are the life chances that I have successfully turned into opportunities to advance in knowledge, spirit, resources, and physical wellness. Whenever I recall my state of life years back, I get the fulfillment that I have greatly improved as far as life is concerned. This motivates me to be more creative and to continue improving so as to be far better and greater than I am today. I don’t wish to remain in the same state of life and I am more than determined to overcome the entangling vicious cycle of ignorance.

I try not to disregard even the smallest bits of chances to turn them into practical things in my life. Because I am brave, courageous and a serial darer, I sometimes wade into stormy waters because I strongly believe that I can fearlessly sail right through them. I believe I possess a special bold heart that propels me to the most extreme points of risks. This has happened lots of times and I have always succeeded. Taking good care of my physical wellness and overall health is a priority. I don’t want to fall sick often and I detest dull moments that render my days unproductive. I always relate well with others and try to be as positive-minded as possible. I am also optimistic, always discerning the good side of every situation which helps me find the useful hidden gems. I am also law-abider and I relate well with whatever authority am under so as not to end up confined somewhere.

I believe setting such a beautiful and motivating slogan implies my resolve to become a better person and in a far better position tomorrow. I want when I reach tomorrow to reflect back on yesterday and compliment myself that: “Yes! Thank goodness and hard work, I am now far better than I have ever been”. Saying this every new dawn will thrust me to both physical and mental prosperity and with this at hand, I shall have nothing to ever regret at so long as I continue putting my personal motto ahead of everything. Will you do the same?

My friends always ask me “What’s new?, Anything new?, What’s going on in your life?” and thankfully, I never tell them that life is boring, nothing new, or that nothing’s going on in my life, but rather, and with honesty, I answer them with contentment about something new that am working on or some new prospects that I am pursuing. So there’s always something new to tell my buddies and I keep improving every day since I want to exhibit myself as a transformative guy who is always on the move. As a moving train, every new day I pick up greater speeds for a continuous improvement. So, my tomorrow must be greater than today, no matter what happens on the other side of the world to which I have no control.

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