About Me

Do you want to know more about Eric? Here’s all he has to describe his past, present and future life. At the end, feel free to drop him a ‘hello’ and he’ll be glad to respond timely…

I was born in September 1992 and I lost my Dad at only two years. I grew up under my Grandma’s care at our humble family home in Rakai district, south of Uganda near the border with Tanzania. I am Anglican by religion and I got baptised under the Church of Uganda. However, I am more aligned to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. My Grandma is a long serving Church priest and sometimes I assist her.

My early years of education were spent at rural schools near our village home. At the time, schooling was very challenging as I had to walk several miles to and from school every weekday and sometimes barefooted. Due to the poor learning facilities and environment, my academic performance was not at its best but with God’s help, my Grandma managed to sponsor me through both the primary and secondary level.

“Growing up without fatherly love and support never hindered my ability to exploit the best in me. Each day I reminded myself of the physical energy and knowledge to carry on the race of life. From the time I set off to run, I’ve never paused, not even for a second…”

In 2015 I graduated with an impressive Bachelors degree in Mass Communication (nearly a first class) from the Islamic University in Uganda. The following year, I commenced my Master of Arts degree in International Relations at Mount Kenya University. Currently, am pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Communication at Daystar University, Nairobi. I believe that it’s through attaining good quality higher education one can have better shots at success in this life. Again, through attaining practical knowledge, I can learn the skills needed to solve some worldly problems. My academic career dream is to attain at least 3-4 Masters degrees in different study fields and a PhD. Call me over ambitious but that’s me.

Sometimes during my high school, I would take a few days off to teach at a local primary school. I taught the middle primary level classes in English, Science and Life Skills. I have also volunteered with several non-profit organisations and one of them is Franciscans Africa.

My hobbies include watching football (I support Arsenal F.C and my national team Uganda Cranes), traveling to naturally interesting places, writing blog articles, reading the news, nature walking, listening to music (more than 5 hours per day!), browsing the internet, offering help (am generous), and playing digital games. I naturally dislike anything evil to humankind. Good enough am a cool guy who doesn’t easily get pissed off.

“It was never an easy set-off in my life. With determination and incessant prayers, I keep trying at everything within my means to overcome every hump that stands in my life’s way. For now, the battle for greatness has just began…”

Throughout my life, I have had a lot of personal wishes. My major wish is to travel to every country in the world while visiting some of the most amazing natural attractions that I grew up reading about in publications. Another wish is to migrate and permanently live in any Pacific Ocean islands. I dream about living in the tropical islands where there’s little population, less human activity while enjoying the tranquility and the serenity of nature.

I have enjoyed visiting 8 African countries so far and it has been a wonderful adventure while learning a lot about the diverse communities and geography of the beautiful Africa. Though travelling within Africa isn’t easy but I have been to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya (where I live), Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda (where I grew up). I’ll keep updating this list as I travel more.

My blogging stint started way back in 2011 even before I learned how to use a computer. Every Saturday I would wake up very early and walk to an internet cafe that was about 6 kilometres away in a small settlement called Kyotera which is the nearest to our village home in Rakai. I covered this distance in around 2-3 hours just to go and check on my Facebook friends and then type the articles I had written on my small blog on Google Blogger. At the onset, I was assisted by my Facebook friend AnnaMaria from Ireland. She gave me a great startup and from then on, my zeal has never let me look down on myself.

After I got my first personal computer in 2015 (a laptop which I earned from real hard work), then I increased my blogging activity as I got more familiar with the basics of the modern internet. I’m not rich but I do all I can within my personal means to live a wholesome and righteous life. I prefer seclusion to socialising (doesn’t mean that am anti-social) and I never like attending large public gatherings. I never smoke or drink alcohol, not only that it’s not good for my health but I have never got interested in taking them.

“I believe in myself and the ability I have to cause a positive change. I take lessons everyday and extract the best out of them. Struggling to make everyday a worthy one is my main job…”

Maintaining strict personal hygiene standards is my inborn norm. Staying clean 24/7 is my best hobby and a priority. I always make sure that me, my belongings and my environment are clean and good-looking. I love the nature and this is why my favourite colour is green. Growing up in the countryside taught me life lessons that caring for the green environment around you keeps you healthy and natural. Sometimes I feel pity for the ongoing mass environmental destruction around the world but then I also feel happy that there are environmental activists fighting for this craziness to stop.

My favourite moment I always wish for is when am admiring the beauty and serenity of the earthly nature from the air. I have watched videos showing how impressive our earth is when viewed from above. Having a walk in the natural countryside on a mild sunny day would also be my most perfect time. I love watching the beautiful sunrise and sunset while taking incredible photos some of which I have shared on my Flickr gallery.

That’s all I can detail about my past, present and future life. In case there’s more you wanna know about this humble boy, just get in touch with me and I will feel delighted to talk to you. And of course, I would love to know more about you because I always feel happy with loving companions. This makes life colourful…

“Trust yourself before anyone else. This means that you should trust yourself to do what’s right for you and that you trust yourself above anyone else. Without self-trust, you could be led astray by others and be led from the course of life. Trust begins with each of us.” – Stuart Mills

Thanks a lot for reading!


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