Photos From My Trips

Enjoy the Stunning Views of Nairobi City & Its Environs

Nairobi is a very unique and busy city! With a bubbling population of over four million inhabitants, It’s the most active metropolitan in East and Central Africa. I live and study in Nairobi but I can never resist taking a few snapshots to capture its magnificent skyline and the busy lives on its streets that make it a vibrant and an exciting city to live, study and work in!

Here are the snaps that I took of this huge city on one afternoon atop the KICC tower which is one of the tallest buildings in Nairobi and Kenya. From the top of this structure, you can have a complete scenery view of the whole of Nairobi city and beyond, its immediate suburbs, the Nairobi National Park, part of the Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, Ngo’ong Hills and of course Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, on a clear morning….

Enjoy the wonderful views…


Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Entebbe

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